Some unknown mysteries of the moon

You all know that the moon is one of our most familiar objects. Since childhood, everyone grew up watching ‘Chandmama’ and heard many stories from grandparents and parents about the old woman on the moon. In the past, our mother used to feed us showing us the moon.

But today’s mothers feed their kids by showing cartoons on their mobile phones.

unknown mysteries of the moon

The era has changed but the mother’s love is still the same.

At one point, looking at the moon through a telescope, the scientist Galileo thought that the moon had a huge ocean, and he named different areas on the moon. 

fantasy occen moon

Of course, we know all this today that it was just human imagination, although the ‘seas’ of the moon still exist today. There are no creatures on the moon because there is no air or water. 

However, data sent by India’s Chandrayaan-1 suggests that the moon may have a small amount of water that is not enough to sustain life. But a mystery about the moon has not been solved for a long time, and that is where our moon came from. The solution to this mystery has recently been found.

Until 1970, the three doctrines collected on the origin of the moon, and the way the moon was formed, were considered acceptable. They are described below:

India's Chandrayaan-1
According to this information, the moon is formed when a small part of the earth falls out of the equatorial region due to the rapid rotation of the earth.

According to this theory, the moon originated as an independent celestial body, which was later captured by the earth’s gravity.

George Darwin, son of Charles Darwin, was the first to formulate the theory of the origin of the moon as a result of the rapid rotation of the earth in 1879. The main reason for his idea was the difference in density between the earth and the moon. 

He knew that the density of the earth was 5.57 and that the density of the moon was 3.34, which was almost equal to the density of the outer layer of the earth. So the possibility of the moon originating from the Earth’s outer layer is not entirely unreasonable.

George Darwin added that the Pacific Ocean was created by the collapse of parts of the Earth’s outer layer. George Darwin’s theory has long been accepted by humans. But then it gradually became clear that the speed of the earth’s rotation had never been so fast that the outer layer of the earth fell out.

Moreover, there was considerable uncertainty about the origin of the Pacific Ocean.

Find out some information:

First, the size of the Pacific Ocean is much smaller than the size of the Moon. This means that it is impossible for the moon to originate from objects that simply fall from the earth.



Second, the moon has been orbiting the earth for about 4,500 billion years as the only satellite on the earth. The Pacific Ocean originated approximately 750 million years ago, as a result of continental currents.


Another inconsistency is the orbit of the moon. If the Moon really originated from a fragment of the Earth, then the Moon’s orbit should be parallel to the Earth’s equator. But in reality, it is not.



In fact, the Moon’s orbit is at a 28.5-degree angle with the Earth’s equator. So George Darwin’s idea was wrong.
This time, if we look at the second possibility, we will see some problems. If the origin of the earth and the moon is really the same idea, there is no reason. 

The third theory regarding the origin of the moon came to the fore in 1950 AD.

According to this theory, like the asteroids, the moon is also an independent celestial body that was trapped by the gravity of the earth billions of years ago. But there is also a huge problem here, especially the chemical composition of the moon. If the moon is born really like other asteroids, they should have similarities in chemical composition. Which is not seen in reality.

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