apple new processor 2020

Apple has decided to use its own processor instead of Intel’s processor on its Mac computer. The computer will come to the market from next year. In the meantime, some of Apple’s processors are gaining traction in the market. Apple is using this processor on its iPhone and iPad. Their claim is strong enough that this chip is also quite effective on Mac computers.


The announcement was made at Apple’s annual presentation (WWDC) on Monday (June 22). Although the program is different every year, this time the program is virtual. The announcement marks the end of Intel’s journey with the Mac, which began in 2006.

Apple CEO Tim Cook called the day “historic” for the Mac. Because not only will their market grow, Apple will also disrupt Intel’s market. If the processors they make are popular, HP, Dell, Samsung will lean towards Apple who are currently using Intel processors.

It has been reported that in the future, the Mac operating system will have its own app instead of apps like Microsoft Word. It will take two years for this change to come completely to Mac’s product line. However, the Mac with its own chip will start coming towards the end of this year. The company hopes to increase the efficiency and capability of Mac apps as they are their own family processors.

Apple has also brought good news for software developers. The new Mac Mini will have a Developer Transition Kit (DTK). It will use Apple’s A12Z chip. Which is in iPad Pro 2020 and will come with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD hard disk. This Mac Mini rehearsal is given in Apple’s presentation. There you can see Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and their Final Cut Pro S working in Mac quite comfortably.


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