Is it possible to backup mobile charges from the app?battery saver app


We often see many apps in the Google Play Store which are called battery savers or power savers. But many of us use these types of apps to improve battery health or to get better charging backup on mobile.



Can these apps really increase the charging backup of your mobile in the right way?

There are thousands of such apps, but it is certain that it is never possible to increase the mobile charging backup through any app.

Because the more apps you use on your device, the more your device will be loaded and the more battery will be wasted.

Again, many people have noticed a little better battery backup as a result of using such apps.

How is it? First of all, it is not a battery saver app, it is a background app that shuts down the apps running in the background of your mobile and if there is no app running in the background on your mobile then no battery is being consumed.


In that case, you will naturally get a better battery backup. You can do this feature from the settings of your mobile and will not run any type of app in the background.


You do not need to use any app for this. Since battery backup is never available with these apps, why are there so many thousands of apps available in the Play Store?




The first is that those who publish in the Play Store generate money from their apps through Google AdSense or various third-party AdSense. 


Their main goal is to generate money. This will not be of any use to you.




If you are using this type of app, you must notice that this will show various fullscreen video ads on your phone when you have a data connection on your mobile or under any WiFi.


 Many times banner ads can be shown. Refrain from such use. In fact, it is not possible to extend your battery life through any app.




So how to extend battery life or you will get a good backup on mobile? First of all, you have to charge your mobile according to the rules.




Of course, the mobile should not be charged while the mobile is charged, and bring it on 0% at least once a month.If you follow some of these general rules, your battery will never be severely damaged. 


However, it is just that the battery of your mobile is getting damaged every time it is charging.




You can reduce the amount of damage if you want. But it can never be stopped. Gradually your battery capacity will decrease and it will not be able to hold the charge. This is normal.




So the more apps you use, the more your battery will be stressed and the faster your mobile charge will be gone. In that case, it is better to use the mobile without using any type of app.






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