The questions you need to know to get a job at Google and what are the terms in Google Job

how to get job at google


Many of us dream of working in an organization like Google. Great facilities, attractive salary, satisfactory work environment arouses interest in everyone’s mind. Google is one of the highest paid companies in the United States.But being a Google employee is not an easy task.
Because, getting a job at Google doesn’t matter much if you get a GPA or a very good score in the exam.


In an interview with the New York Times,Laszlo Bock, Google’s vice president of human resources, said:
Maths and computing, especially code writing skills are essential to get a job at Google.

If someone achieves good grades in educational exams and can show real skills, they can definitely apply for a job at Google. Mathematics and code, these two skills can be an added advantage for the job seeker.

But apart from these two, you have to acquire many more skills to get a job at Google.
Five things are important for Google jobs. If the job position is a technical subject, the emphasis is on coding skills. About half of Google jobs, however, fall into the technical category. The main thing that is considered in every job is the knowledge of general knowledge.It would not be right to equate the subject with IQ. General knowledge here means the ability to learn a subject, the ability to learn quickly and the ability to put it to use. This skill is the ability to distinguish between subtle things. These behavioral issues are very well monitored during job interviews at Google.

Interview at google


🔹The second important thing is leadership qualities. If you want to get a job in Google, it is important to get two more good qualities.
One is humility, the other is the ability to take things for granted.

To get a job at Google, you need to have another skill and that is the minimum experience on a job.
If someone with minimal experience is hired, he has interest in learning, communication skills, interest in leadership.

What Google does is try to harness the merits of conventional GPA or conventional education.

You can go to that site and apply for a job- Click Here For Your Dream Job (Millions of Cv are submitted every year, but you fail if you don’t have quality) :

To get a job at Google, you have to face some strange questions on the interview board. These questions may be different for each position. I have been able to collect 10 questions like this: –


🌓 Creative Specialist : Before hiring Google’s Creative Specialist, her general knowledge and skills were tested. In a January 2016 interview, the candidate was asked: “How do I explain this to my grandmother after explaining the importance of HTML 5 to Larry Page?”


🌓Database Admin :
An important post from Google is Database Administrator. In an interview in December 2015 to recruit people for the position, the question was asked, “If you were given one billion US dollars and a spacecraft, how would you solve the biggest problem of human civilization?”


🌓Software engineers: Google also asks software engineers many complex questions. Earlier, an employee was asked, if you were given the responsibility of creating Google Maps from scratch, how would you guide a person standing at the Gateway of India (Mumbai) to India Gate?


🌓Product Marketing Managers: Google’s product marketing managers may be asked questions before hiring, guessing the number of college seniors in the United States each year who are leaving the job after completing a four-year bachelor’s degree.


🌓Associate Product Manager: Employees in this position also have to face various tactical questions. Earlier the question was, if you have the opportunity to use the bank’s database, using that information, how to create an ATM for the elderly?


🌓Product Manager: The position of Google’s product manager is considered important. The question for the job in this post is,
How to solve the problem of homelessness in downtown San Francisco?


🌓Quantitative Compensation Analyst: If you open a new Google office anywhere in the world, how do you find out about the salaries of the employees there?


🌓Quantitative Analyst: If a coin is circulated 1000 times, the head falls 560 times. Do you think that coin is biased?


🌓Engineering Manager: There are many interesting questions for this position. Suppose you need sailor’s vote to get the captaincy of a pirate ship and a share of the looted gold. If less than half of the votes are cast in your favor, then death is imminent. So how do you distribute that gold, so that more of your share falls and you survive?


🌓Business Associates: How many ways do you look for a lost needle in a haystack?


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