What can happen if a person does not sleep for 7 days in a row?

There has been a rare event in the history of the world known as the Russian Sleep Experiment.

Sleep is an important part of human life. People spend one-third or more of their lives asleep. There is no substitute for sleep to keep the human brain functioning. Again, many suffer from insomnia. As a result, they face various problems. But what if a person is not allowed to sleep day after day by force or by applying for any medicine? Some Russian researchers did just that during World War II. Which is known as the “Russian Sleep Experiment“.


During the First and Second World Wars, the superpowers were intoxicated with the study of new weapons, all new tactics, and all new military equipment. While some of these studies have yielded results, most have reached dire consequences. One such failed study was ‘The Sleep Experiment‘. The Russian military and intelligence agencies were thinking of creating a KGB sleepless army. They conducted the study at a secret military facility in Siberia. Researchers discover a new experimental gas. It is possible to kill sleep through this gas.


Meanwhile, Soviet authorities made false agreements with five political prisoners to test the gas. According to the agreement, the five detainees will be released forever if they do not sleep for a month with all possible help in the investigation. A room was set up in the laboratory to perform the test. In that room, dry food and drink were provided for the prisoners for 30 days. One of the doors of this room and one of its walls were given a glass for the researchers to observe. Moreover, 6 microphones and a camera are set inside the room. Then the subjects were imprisoned in that room and gas was applied. But what were the consequences?


For the first four days after the gas was applied, the prisoners were in normal use. They started behaving differently after spending four sleepless days. Began to talk about the cause of this consequence and their past accidents. On the fifth day, they stopped talking to each other. Then they start whispering meaningless at the microphone. Researchers began to tempt their leaders to release them from captivity. Russian researchers thought it was the effect of the gas. Gradually the prisoners stopped talking and just whispered into the microphone.


On the ninth day suddenly a prisoner began to shout. He kept screaming until his vocal cords broke. Unusually, the other four detainees did not respond. They silently tore the pages of the book from their mouths and put them on the glass of the wall and on the camera. As a result, researchers no longer see prisoners. Then they became completely silent. After three days, the researchers checked the microphone. They also checked the oxygen supply of the room and made sure that all the prisoners were alive. Finding no way, the researchers tried to talk to the detainees on the intercom, saying they would enter the cell and if the detainees did not cause any problems, one detainee would be released.


One prisoner replied in a terrible voice, they do not want to be released. From then on, the prisoners stopped talking again. Finding no way out, the researchers decided to enter the room on the 15th day. For this, they called the Russian Special Forces. Before entering the room, the Russian Special Forces cut off the supply of their experimental gas and allowed normal air to enter the room. At this, all the prisoners began to shout. They kept urging for the resumption of that gas. In this situation, the Russian soldiers entered the room. The soldiers entered the room and were shocked to see the situation of the prisoners.


The flesh was peeling from different parts of the prisoners’ bodies. Their bones were coming out. Four of the five prisoners were alive. Surviving prisoners begged for gas and refused to leave their cells. Two soldiers were killed and one was injured in the chase. After the detainees were taken out of the cell, the researchers entered the cell and stopped. The prisoners did not touch any of the stockpiled food and they were eating meat from their own bodies.


The survivors also ate various parts of the dead prisoner’s body. The detainees refused when the stunned researchers tried to anesthetize the living prisoners by applying anesthesia for examination. When a person was forced to apply anesthesia, his heart stopped beating and he died. The three surviving prisoners were examined without the use of anesthesia. Researchers had found that this gas was more likely to be addictive. Moreover, the effect of this gas was to eliminate all the pain and other emotions of the prisoners. The gas also multiplied their physical strength.


Seeing the effect of the gas as a possibility, a Russian general wanted to continue this experiment. But the researchers did not agree. No accurate information was then found about what happened to the researchers or the surviving prisoners.


It is believed that after 1945, the military laboratory was completely sealed. The general public had no idea about all these tests until some Russian documents were hacked and published in 2009.


There are many videos on YouTube about this. There is also an official short film about a Russian sleep test.



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