Depression? Nothing feels good?

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Now think a little deeper, where is the benefit of doing all these? It was a beautiful identity of yours that completely contradicted you and how happy you were before you kept yourself in one room while your parents were sick thinking about you.


It is because of your impatience that all these things happened. Impatiently, we set foot on the path of destruction. Well, whether the person you loved is worthy of you at all or whether he can pay the price of your love or not, we do not think about it. Suddenly we see someone and get involved with them. After getting involved, we are so impatient that we accept everything that the man of love says without any hesitation. And then when the separation happens, we can’t stop. We don’t understand a single second without them, so in the end, we turn our lives into cheap toys and throw them in the face of death.


We say one thing, but in real life, who can reflect that? We always say that what God does is for our good. But in the end, it is seen that the pumpkin is that pumpkin. Why can’t we have a little patience? Can’t we just comfort our minds and accept what is happening? Surely the end result will be good.


In the case of those who can endure, there is not the slightest hint of despair. Yes, I agree patience is not an easy task. But try once and see how sweet the fruit is.


In the end, I will say this, don’t be impatient and hurt your mind by choosing the wrong person as your life partner. Rather, we should patiently pray to God to help us endure, without neglecting what will come in the future.

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