Efficiently Managing or Achieving MBOX Emails to Outlook 2019 and 2016

Introduction: Are you looking for a reliable way to port MBOX to Outlook 2019, 2016, or later? This comprehensive guide gives you two effective ways to do this. We will discuss the manual process and introduce you to a robust tool for new people, allowing you to choose the process that best suits your needs.

Which Approach is Best for You When Converting MBOX Files to Outlook?

The manual and third-party methods for converting MBOX mailboxes to Outlook PST format are presented in this tutorial. Examine the two choices to see which one offers the simplest method for importing MBOX files into Outlook. Let’s talk a little bit about these approaches before getting started.

Manual Method: Exchange Outlook PST files for MBOX files

Finding manual strategies will be our first step. Before using this method, it is important to understand the steps and conditions required. Again, before proceeding, make sure to back up your MBOX data.

Step 1: Turn on the IMAP protocol in your Gmail account.

  • When Gmail opens, click on the gear icon and select “View All Sеttings”.
  • Go to the “Forwarding and IMAP/POP” tab to activate the IMAP protocol before saving the sessions.

Step 2: Generate a New Password for the Gmail App

  • Gmail introduced the New App Password option for email client sessions on June 1, 2022. Sеtting up a new app password follows a step-by-step process.

Step 3: Configure a Gmail email client account based on MBOX.

  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird, then click on the “Tools” menu.
  • Next, select “Account Sеttings” and then “Account Actions”.
  • Select “Add Mail Account” and enter your Gmail account information. Follow the schedule.
  • Create a new folder in Thunderbird and import the contents of your mailbox and email. As a result, the emails will sync with your Gmail account.

Step 4: Configure Gmail in Outlook

  • Open Outlook, select “File”, then click “Add Account”.
  • Select the email account type and add your Gmail account.
  • Reroute the original folder to complete the configuration.
  • You can import MBOX files in Outlook 2019, 2016, and earlier by following these steps.

Cons of Using the Manual Method:

  • Security requires backups, but they aren’t usually done.
  • All Outlook versions are not compatible with all approaches.
  • The structure of folders might not be preserved.
  • Emails and attachments can be damaged in several ways.
  • You need a reliable and powerful internet connection.
  • The installation and configuration of other email clients might be difficult.

Export MBOX to Outlook PST Format Using a Third-Party Tool

Although manual techniques work well for short jobs, they can become laborious when dealing with larger amounts of MBOX files. Third-party technologies are helpful in these situations. A program that comes highly recommended is called “Softaken MBOX to PST Converter.”

Softaken MBOX to PST Converter:

  • This prominent software supports batch conversion of MBOX files to Outlook PST format.
  • It maintains the folder hierarchy and is compatible with all MBOX-based email clients.
  • The tool offers advanced features, including bulk, selective, and filtered migrations.
  • You can export MBOX data to Office 365 and Live Exchange as well.

Steps to Export MBOX to Outlook PST Format Using MBOX to PST Converter:

  • Download, install, and launch the Softaken MBOX Converter.
  • Click “Add File” to load your MBOX mailboxes.

  • After loading, click “Export” to initiate the migration.
  • Choose the PST format and select single or separate PST options.

  • Browse the destination to save the mailbox and click “Export.”
  • This method ensures the smooth transfer of emails and attachments.

  • The software is compatible with all Windows and Outlook versions, making it a hassle-free solution for importing MBOX files into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and earlier versions.


This comprehensive guide has presented two methods to export MBOX to Outlook 2019 and 2016. While manual methods can suffice for small tasks, third-party tools like Softaken MBOX to PST Converter offer a more efficient solution for handling a large volume of MBOX files. Explore both options and choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you opt for the manual method or a professional application, ensure a smooth transition from MBOX to Outlook.

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