Where Do Students Live in Bradford

Bradford is located in West Yorkshire in England and is one of the cities in the United Kingdom, which has been attracting students from across the globe in the past few years. The University of Bradford and the University of Bradford School of Management are the two major institutions in this city, which host international and domestic students.

You can find some other excellent institutes also in this city for native and overseas students.

Accommodation is a major requirement for students who get admitted to the institutes in Bradford. There is no shortage of accommodation for students in this fabulous city. But, students want to live in a student community so many of the international students want to know where students live in Bradford.

Here, you will read about some major places where students in Bradford live.

City Center

The downtown Bradford is an amazing mix of modern amenities with a classical historical ambiance. The city center is a very perfect option for students who are compatible with the urban environment.

In this area, there is a combination of purpose-built student accommodation Bradford along with modern apartments, and renovated historic buildings turned into cool housing. Life in the city center is very convenient as it extends easy access to shopping, dining, and also entertainment facilities along with various interesting places in Bradford.

Little Germany

Little Germany has an area that is characterized by its historical background and peculiar buildings, which attract many students with a taste for the unusual. The traditional district of the wool trade now combines authentic old buildings and new dwellings. Little Germany can be a home for culturally rich students within walking distance from the city center and the University of Bradford. Little Germany

Great Horton

Great Horton is located on the outskirts of the University of Bradford and it has a student-friendly student housing Bradford. This neighborhood is characterized by a plethora of housing varieties ranging from shared to flatted living near the university and students can get budget-friendly options here. Great Horton offers a great village feeling, yet it is connected to the city center.


Manningham is a very diverse residential area providing students with a variety of accommodations. Located near the city center, this neighborhood offers a calmer lifestyle and at the same time has very convenient access to various local amenities. Manningham is often a very popular place for students who seek more of an informal atmosphere because many available accommodation options include shared houses and apartments.

Little Horton Lane

Located in the center of town, Little Horton Lane ensures that students have a feeling of belonging while living close to both the university and the city center. This region provides a great choice of student-centered housing, from new purpose-built student rooms Bradford to traditional terraced houses. Little Horton Lane is very convenient to the transport links and other local facilities.

Canal Road

Canal Road is a place for students studying at the University of Bradford. This district offers real-life student apartment Bradford options like private rentals, flats, and also student-oriented housing facilities. Residences near Canal Road attract many students due to its convenient location by road in terms of distance to campus or availability of basic amenities.


For the student looking for a suburban environment that is less buoyant, Frizinghall offers an ambiance of peace in between the city center. This neighborhood provides a wide variety of cost-effective housing, including shared dwellings. Although more suburban, Frizinghall is a very accessible location that offers a great balance between studies and privacy for its residents.


Bradford offers a wide range of living options for its students. You can find student housing, modern apartments, renovated historic buildings turned into accommodation, and more. Depending on whether it’s the vibrant life of the city center, the historical atmosphere of Little Germany, or Canal Road pragmatism that attracts you most, neighborhoods in Bradford can meet diverse expectations and lifestyles.

While selecting the university housing in Bradford, look at the distance from your campus, budget constraints, amenities provided, and the attitude of the neighborhood. A better knowledgeable decision guarantees an easy and enjoyable lifestyle across your period of studies in this city that is full of changes.`

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