What is the Best Way to Write an Amazing Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of essay writing in which the writer proves the perspective by showing authentic evidence. The main reason to write an argumentative essay is to convince the reader of a certain point of view. But if you think from the word argumentative that is some kind of forceful convincing that it is wrong. Its name has nothing to do with the tone. But because the writer proves and tries to convince the reader. But as a writer, you don’t have to convince the reader of the wrong point of view. And you should conclude and try to prove your perspective by concluding the logical evidence.

You don’t need to be stubborn to prove the validity of your point. And you have to use different strategies and techniques to make your argumentative essay look more authentic and more reliable.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

As I just discussed above, it is a type of essay writing where the writer proves his point of view with logical and trusted evidence. And if you are thinking that the persuasive essay also does that. Then let me tell you that persuasive essays have more emotions than factual truths. But the argumentative essay is straightforward. And these essays contain more factual information. And on the other hand, a persuasive essay connects with the emotions of the reader.

I got it! Now you are thinking about the difference between argumentative essays and expository essays. Then don’t worry I have the answer. And the answer is that in the expository essay, the writer spreads all the point-of-view and leaves it to the reader to decide what is correct. While in the argumentative essay, the writer specifies a single perspective and shows the evidence for his point of view.

Structure of the Argumentative Essay:

The structure of the argumentative essay is very important. Because you cannot prove your point if you can’t present it in the right way. And you should know the perfect structure to make it more worth it. So, let’s start exploring the structure of an argumentative essay.

The first paragraph is the same as other essay types and should be the introduction. And you should build the basic concept and increase the excitement of the reader to read more. The body paragraphs should be the presentation of the point-of-view and the evidence. And these body paragraphs should contain evidence and its authenticity. Or revolving around the wrong point of view.

The conclusion of the argumentative essay should contain the key points as the writer does in any other type of essay. This is the basic structure to write an argumentative essay. But for the bigger and more detailed essay, you might need a detailed structure of the essay. And to understand it more clearly you can take help from the best Cheap essay writing services around you to make your essay more significant.


The advanced structure of this essay has many types like Toulmin. And this structure is used to write an essay on a complex topic without any clear information or data about the thesis. And this structure is used to identify or analyze the arguments.


Another structure is Aristotelian which is also known as the classic. And this structure is used to make the arguments straightforward. So, in this argument, you follow the structure that is: Introduction of the problem then explain your perspective and the point-of-view of the opponent. And then write the argument and show your evidence. At last, conclude the whole argumentative essay.


Another type of argumentative essay is Rogerian. In which the writer shows the point-of-view of both types of audiences. Because of the audience and their way of thinking.

The Best Process to Write an Argumentative Essay:

Brainstorm your Argument:

To write an excellent argumentative essay you have to come up with a good argument. Because your essay will revolve around it. And if the argument is not given then you have to do the research and come up with a good one.


To prove your point logically you will need facts and evidence. And you have to collect and prepare those before writing the essay. And you should also outline your essay with it. Like where you have to use the evidence and where to put the information correctly.

Draft your Essay:

You should write a basic essay so, in the future if you want to add more data or any type of quotes it can be added easily.


After writing the whole draft of your argumentative essay. Start revising. Read the content and edit the words or the structure if not appropriate. Check the points you made in the essay and also your choice of words.


Check the mistakes like the grammar and structure of the essay and correct them.

Tips to write an Argumentative Essay:

Present your argument with solid Evidence:

Collect as much data as you can and you should also use different sources and citations. Don’t try to make your points without any kind of solid evidence and then let the evidence do the talking for you.

Appropriate Language:

While arguing or making your point credible, don’t forget to choose the appropriate language. And don’t try to offend others. Choose a good tone and don’t be rude.

Choose the perfect style and Grammar:

The structural, style, and grammatical mistakes will make it more confusing. And you can’t make your argument strong. And even the best arguments are wasted because of poor style and grammar.


Proving your point of view or perspective about a certain topic and opposing others might be a tough task. But writing an argumentative essay efficiently will make it easy for the writer to prove his argument with sufficient resources.

And to write an argumentative essay there are many advanced styles. You should choose any style. And then start writing the essay. The process of writing is brainstorming the argument, researching and grabbing evidence, making a rough essay, revising, and then proofreading it.

Some tips for writing this kind of essay are presenting solid evidence, using the appropriate language, and choosing the perfect style, tone, and grammar.

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