What are the requirements to study in Italy?

Italy is known to host a wide range of international students every year and it is a renowned destination due to its top-notch studies, natural beauty as well and unique Italian culture. As a Mediterranean country, Italy is known for ideal weather conditions, amazing beaches as well a long history. Besides, this city is one of the most technically advanced countries where you can find different businesses as well as multinational companies operating there.  The cost of living for undergrad or grad students across the city is on average 800-1100 euro per month. While studying in the city of Italy is more budget-friendly than in any other country, as well as living expenses, can be kept at normal levels, and top-notch food as well as travel opportunities can easily stretch one’s budget. You can find the best accommodations over here which includes student accommodation Naples

What are the general requirements to study across the city? 

The requirements to study across Italy can differ depending on the university, degree level as well as the course you are applying for. However, below you, can find some of the general needs to keep in mind when studying across Italy, some of which are elaborated below: 

  • Eligibility: You need to be more than 17 years old and also have graduated from a recognized high school. 
  • Language requirements: You might need some Italian language proficiency which depends completely on the degree level as well as programs. 
  • Prior achievement: Some of the universities in Italy may look for students who have a minimum GPA average of their previous education. 
  • Visa requirement: Students who are from non-EU countries applying for any degree level need a visa to study in Italy. 
  • Proof of monetary funds: Some of the universities ask for proof of monetary funds to make sure that the students can afford to study in this city. 

Bachelor studies

If you want to meet the entry requirements for a bachelor’s degree at any university in Italy, then you can complete upper secondary studies. 

They have a valid school leaving certificate as well as qualification for higher education studies in the home country. You can keep in mind that many bachelor’s level programs across the city are only offered in Italian and you might need to prove your language abilities across a certified language test to be accepted in the course of your preference. 

Master studies 

To study for a postgrad degree at an Italian university, then you will be required to have a relevant bachelor as well as an equivalent degree certification. Many Italian universities offer students a wide range of programs at the master’s level. If your previous studies were not available in English, you can easily prove your proficiency by taking a recognized English language test such as TOEFL or the IELTS. You can confirm what language test scores are recognized by the institution with the international office. As part of the entry needs to study abroad across the city, you can requirement to submit any or all of the following documents mentioned below: 

What are the requirements to study in Italy

  • ID cards such as passports, etc. 
  • Academic transcript of the previous studies
  • University application form
  • Letter of recommendation 
  • Personal statement 
  • Proof of language proficiency 

Depending on the institution as well as the language in which the documents are written, you can offer a certified translation of the documents into Italian. Always you can confirm the specific applicated needed with the institution as different schools as well as programs which have different entry necessities. 

Ph. D. Studies 

If you want to meet entry requirements for a Ph. D. At an Italian university, you need to recognized diploma or master’s degree program. Some of the Italian universities also needed applicants to present them with the research proposal. 

What is the visa requirement to study in the beautiful city of Italy? 

Applicants who are from non-EU countries can easily get a student visa to study at higher education institutions across Italy. To get a student visa, the applicants can easily gather different kinds of documents that the embassy requires. 

Here are some of the needed documents for a student visa to easily study abroad across Italy: 

  • Passport
  • Cover letter
  • Visa application form
  • Proof of financial support 
  • Health insurance 
  • Proof of tuition fee payment 
  • Copy of scholarship

Major benefits of studying across Italy 

  • The universities of Italy offer world-class education at a competitive cost. 
  • They offer comparatively cheaper education costs than the other European universities. 
  • Affordable cost of accommodation. 
  • You can be happy to meet a lot of other international students who are pursuing higher studies in Italy.
  • There is availability of some of the best cuisines. 
  • The universities are equipped with the avant-garde infrastructure. 
  • Hassle-free admission procedure. 
  • Top-notch faculty members. 
  • Studying in this city is safe for both male and female foreign students
  • Best facilities for the students who are enrolled in the different courses. 
  • The people of the country are warm over here. 
  • You can have the opportunity to easily learn the Italian language. 

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