What Are the Best Practices for Referencing and Citations in Assignments?

Are you struggling with a sea of multiple sources to cite for your assignment? Are you unaware of the best practices for referencing and citations? Your quest is over, we have prepared a comprehensive guide for you from which you can gain assistance when juggling assignments and references. By properly following the guidelines of this article, you can improve the credibility and quality of your assignment ultimately achieving academic excellence by avoiding plagiarism. Without further ado, let’s walk you through some best practices for referencing and citations in your assignments. 

Manage your time well

Management of time is crucial in academics as it impacts positively on your work. Work that you start earlier gives you better outcomes. Always try to allocate adequate time for searching the credible sources to cite so that you have enough time to go through all the relevant literature and ultimately write as well. The outcomes of the last-minute submissions are often poor because of rush and hassle. If you are short of time but need quality work too then get assistance from the assignment writing company and get top-notch work from professional writers.

Choose your topic wisely 

Topic selection carries a lot of significance while you are embarking on the journey of research assignments. Selecting the right topic will help you go through this expedition smoothly. You must choose a topic which is in alignment with your interests and field of study. Do not choose something too narrow or too broad. A narrow topic will have fewer available references whereas a broad topic will already be researched enough, thus, giving you limited room for making any valuable contribution. Therefore, if you want good and enough references for your assignment, choose the topic right. 

Ascertain credible sources 

Many a time, professors provide some readings to students to get help from. First of all, go through all the readings provided by the professor. Take notes of the key points which you think are most relevant to your research. In addition, find further sources to cite from such as Google Search, Google Scholar, books, online databases, libraries etc. Take time out to evaluate the sources and do not choose random ones. Any biased view paper or unauthorised publications are not the potential sources so always research well before shortlisting any source to cite. However, if you want credible sources for your assignment then you can even buy Assignment UK because the writers of these assignments are professional along with having access to the most credible scholarly sources. 

Cite the sources 

Once you are well-equipped with credible sources, organise them in a documented form. It will get easier for you to cite them when you have all the links and prints in a documented and organised form. Read the sources thoroughly and take notes of what is relevant to your topic of research. Find out the key concepts, themes and patterns in the sources you have shortlisted. In addition, write down that who is the author, the title and the publication date of the article. To avoid plagiarism, it is extremely important to never write someone else’s work as yours. Henceforth, give proper credit to the author and use the scholarly publications only for referencing. 

Reliable sources 

One of the best practices for referencing and citation is to use reliable sources. It will ensure that your work is credible, of top quality and well-researched. To check the reliability of the source, you must ensure that;

  • The source is reputable and is from a good author as well as publication. 
  • Cite a source which has been used enough by other researchers is also categorised as a potential resource. 
  • Apart from relevance, the updated sources are also potential ones. Use the current and up-to-date references for your assignment. 
  • Another key point to focus on is that the source must be unbiased so always look for some sponsored content or biased views in the research papers. 
  • Lastly, do not rely on one single paper and double-check the references while citation. 

All the above-mentioned bullet points are essential to align with for checking the credibility and reliability of a source for referencing. By following these tips, you can ensure that your work is well-researched and accurate. 

Citations to avoid plagiarism 

In assignment citations, plagiarism is one of the main concerns which makes referencing even more significant. Plagiarism is categorised as an academic offence which has detrimental impacts on the academic standing of students. It is an act of using other author’s work without giving them credit. For the best practices to follow, it is important to avoid plagiarism and use the sources only for citation and help for further research. Never copy-paste the content of websites, books, or articles as it will result in a failed grade or even expulsion from the institute. There are some methods through which you can get your work checked for plagiarism. 

  • Online sources to check plagiarism such as Turnitin or copy leaks 
  • Checking for your paper on online websites 
  • Getting help from professors or peers to check your work whether it is plagiarized 

Once you are ensured that your work is free of plagiarism, it automatically increases the credibility of your work. However, it is only possible by properly citing the work of others in your assignment. 


While writing an assignment, it is crucial to cite the sources properly by following the best practices. Without properly following the referencing guidelines, the quality of your work is undermined greatly resulting in plagiarism. This comprehensive guide provides you with best practices which you can follow for proper citations and referencing. In short, you must choose your topic wisely and find credible sources to cite for your assignment because if you add credible and reliable sources to your assignment, the chances of getting a good grade in that subject increase multifold. However, you can also get assistance from assignment writing services to help you with referencing and citations.

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