Useful Method For Printing, Converting, and Exporting Outlook Mail to PDF

Many professionals use Microsoft Outlook as their primary email platform for daily interaction. Microsoft Outlook has a set of gadgets and utilities that make email attachment handling easier. Outlook keeps all of its mailbox data in PST files; thus, it is not possible to access PST files without Outlook. One such format that makes it easy for the user to open, view, and read information anywhere at any time without any reliance is the PDF design. Additionally, PDF files are small and naturally highly secure.

As a result, we have looked at a simple, efficient, and reliable solution for replacing Outlook 2013 messages with PDF attachments in this post. A dynamic program that can save and convert Outlook PST emails to PDF with attachments—pictures, documents, or other records—is the PST to PDF Converter.

This trustworthy tool not only restores and fixes any corruption in the.pst file, but it also fixes it. Additionally, this tool is a one-stop solution to meet customers’ needs for Outlook to PDF conversion.

Let’s look at how to convert emails from Outlook to PDF.

There are two common techniques for saving Outlook messages to PDF: (1) manual techniques and (2) third-party tools. Saving Outlook messages to PDFs becomes essential frequently.

Ways to Print Outlook Files by Hand into PDF

The best technique to convert a small number of messages into a PDF format is by hand, but if you need to convert messages in bulk, use third-party software. Let’s look at the manual Outlook to PDF conversion procedure.

  • Launch your Microsoft Outlook profile.
  • Choose any email that needs to be converted to a PDF.
  • After selecting the document name, click Save As.
  • Select a location to save the file.
  • Select HTML configuration from the Save as Write drop-down menu, then hit Save.
  • Proceed to the savings place next.
  • Choose the HTML document, then use the shortcut key to open it in Microsoft Word. Next, in Word Record, select File Label >> Save As. Select PDF

Note: Locate add-ins and download the save as PDF extension if MS Word does not allow you to choose PDFs.

Smart| Safe| Advanced Approach to Save PST File to PDF Format

In any event, the manual process will take hours to complete and might be dangerous for the connection records if you have a large number of Outlook messages. In this case, you need an automated way to convert a large number of Outlook emails to PDF files with connections.

One of the greatest products on the market for saving Outlook emails as PDFs with attachments is the WholeClear PST to PDF Converter Software. Users are satisfied with the outcome as it exports all emails and their attachments to PDF format.

Why Choose this Software Above the Free Method?

Simple explanations are possible, though. because it offers the safest method for converting PST files with attachments to PDF. It can work with damaged PST files, both ANSI and Unicode, that contain contacts, emails, and other Outlook things. Furthermore, to assist you even more, the recovery procedure’s snapshots are saved. However, the platform is user-friendly and automated. Any size of data can be exported to PDF format without any hurdle. Users can also get the free demo edition when they visit the office web page.

In the Author’s Last Words,

We have emphasized the manual way of converting Outlook emails to PDF files with attachments in this post. These manual techniques, however, are typically too drawn out and laborious, and there is also a potential for data loss. Thus, WholeClear PST to PDF Converter is thought to be the greatest program, widely regarded as the finest by elite IT specialists worldwide.

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