Turkish Angora Kittens For Sale: Everything You Need to Know


The Turkish Angora is a beautiful and graceful cat breed that is known for its long, flowing coat. They are also intelligent and affectionate animals that make great companions. If you are thinking about buying a Turkish Angora kitten, there are a few things you need to know. Turkish Angora Kittens For Sale


  • History of the Turkish Angora: The Turkish Angora is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. They originated in Turkey, and their name comes from the city of Ankara, which was once known as Angora. Turkish Angoras were first brought to Europe in the 16th century, and they quickly became popular among royalty and nobility.
  • Turkish Angora cat breed
  • Appearance: Turkish Angoras have long, white coats that are soft and silky to the touch. They also have large, almond-shaped eyes that are blue, green, or amber. Turkish Angoras come in a variety of colors, but the most common color is white.
  • Personality: Turkish Angoras are intelligent and affectionate cats that make great companions. They are also very active and playful, and they love to climb and explore. Turkish Angoras are relatively easy to care for, but they do require regular grooming to keep their coat healthy and mat-free.
  • Cost: The cost of a Turkish Angora kitten can vary depending on the breeder, the kitten’s pedigree, and the kitten’s location. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $900 to $1,500 for a Turkish Angora kitten.
  • Where to buy a Turkish Angora kitten: There are a few different places where you can buy a Turkish Angora kitten. You can find them at reputable breeders, cat shows, and adoption agencies. When choosing a breeder, be sure to do your research to make sure they are reputable and have a good reputation.

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If you are interested in buying a Turkish Angora kitten, be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder. Turkish Angoras are wonderful cats that make great companions, and they will bring you years of joy.

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