Top Techniques for Remove Outlook Data File PST Password

To ensure that unauthorized individuals cannot eavesdrop, a significant number of Outlook users prefer to password-protect their PST files. Additionally, even after disclosing the password to another individual for their purposes, they may be required to frequently change the previous one. The previous password can be modified via Outlook. Even if you have forgotten the previous password, this feature is inaccessible. Effective methods for recovering the password for an Outlook data file will be discussed in this blog.


Certain users, however, are so concerned with data security that they protect the Outlook PST file with a password. Users will be incentivized to safeguard data against theft and pathogens. Users who have forgotten or misplaced their Outlook password are obligated to retrieve that information. We will now examine, step by step, how to modify the password for an Outlook data file (.pst) in the following section.

Two distinct methods for cracking the Outlook data file password will be discussed in this blog. The Manual approach is one, while the Professional approach is the other.

The manual approach to recovering passwords for Outlook data files

When you recollect the password, only then is the manual method pertinent. Password changes manually are not feasible if the user has forgotten the password. Manually recover the password for an Outlook data file by performing the following:

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook as an initial step. Select File from the menu. Following the initial tap, select Account Settings once more.
  • Select the Data Files tab from the dialogue pane that appears. Click Settings after selecting the Outlook PST file.
  • The Outlook Data File dialogue window is displayed. Select the icon labeled “Change Password.”
  • The prior password can be utilized to generate a new one. Select the OK button once the requirements have been entered.

In the end, the password that you entered serves as the protection for your file. A password is required each time you attempt to access that PST file. We, therefore, advise you to record the modified password for future reference.

Changing or resetting the password for an Outlook data file manually requires the password, as you are aware. In light of this, we recommend employing a professional approach (Outlook Data File Password Recovery) to resolve the matter and recreate the password.

Expert Technique for Recovering the Password for an Outlook Data File

Operating on Outlook PST, the GainTools Remove Outlook Data File PST Password Software is a reliable and risk-free solution. This application facilitates the process of password recovery or modification for protected PST files for users of Microsoft Outlook. It is capable of unlocking PST files and securely restoring PST passwords, allowing interruption-free access to the mailbox element.

Activity of the PST Password Recovery Application

  • Download the GainTools PST Password Remover software.
  • Select the Browse Folder and Browse PST Documents option.
  • Display the Entire PST Document Preview.
  • Choose the PST file that requires recovery.
  • Select the option to remove and reset your password.
  • If you select the reset password option, enter the new password.
  • Click the “Process” button by moving the area pointer over it.

Using the following methods, one can professionally decrypt the PST password of an Outlook data file. Throughout recovery processes, this expert method is remarkably secure and never results in data loss or inconsistency. Presently, examine the advantageous attributes of it.

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The Professional Tool Comprises Several Outstanding Features

  • Applies an unlocked to MS Outlook PST files in ANSI and UNICODE formats.
  • Password removal from Outlook PST files is supported.
  • It is possible to modify the prior password using the tool. Additionally, a new password is generated to govern file access.
  • Designed to change or recover forgotten PST file passwords efficiently, even without the need to install Outlook.
  • It facilitates the recovery or modification of PST file passwords for non-technical users via a graphical user interface.

Final Words

We have discussed in this article how to recover the password for an Outlook data file effortlessly. Using a third-party application such as the GainTools PST Password Recovery Tool to automate the process has been compared to the manual approach we have discussed. Situation in which you have forgotten the password for a password-protected PST file. Automatic recovery of the Outlook data file password prompt is therefore necessary.

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