Top 7 Types of House Extensions

No extension looks the same, and the extensions can appear on a different part of the house. Whether you live on detached or semi-detached parts of the home, there are different options for house extensions. If you are living in the terrace, the option may be limited.

You may already have an idea about why you need an extension. So once you have a clear picture of the type of extension that suits your home, you can easily finish the project without any stress. If you need any Home Extensions  Brisbane knowing about the top 7 types of extensions will help you to make an informed decision:

Side return extension

A side return extension, which is quite common on Victorian or other types of historic buildings, extends your property into the alleyway at the side of your house. The look and feel of your home can be greatly improved by side return extensions, which is an inexpensive addition. A side return expansion is excellent for accommodating a bigger kitchen and eating room.

Rear house extension

While it is common to have enough room on the front of your home to build an expansion, a rear extension is the most popular style of home addition. A rear addition enlarges your home’s interior space while also extending it out into the yard.

It can be built to improve your outdoor area as well. There are many possibilities for what you may use the extra space for rear extensions in single- and two-story designs. Perhaps the easiest place to start is with a single-story rear addition.

Wrap-around extension

This sort of extension combines a side extension and a rear extension, resulting in an L shape design as a result. This style of addition is perfect if you want to build a new room while also expanding an existing one, such as expanding the kitchen and adding a dining room.

Single-storey extension

One of the most typical styles of home addition is a single-story addition. You are probably most accustomed to seeing them on older properties as an addition to the kitchen.

The underutilized garden space might be used to build the expansion on the side or back of the home. In terms of design flexibility, a one-story addition is also one of the best. Using French or bi-fold doors to create an open atmosphere between the house and yard has grown in popularity in recent years.

Double storey extensions

Two-storey extensions mean taking one of the three above-mentioned shapes to rear, side return, or wrap around and extending it across two levels rather than one. The benefit of this is that you get twice the space without paying twice as much.

Normally, the price difference between a single and double-storey addition is about 50%. This is so that all foundation and other costs are tied to the bottom floor, and adding a floor above requires less overall labour.

Dormer extensions

A dormer expansion may be ideal for you if your attic has unutilized space. When adding a dormer addition, the roof’s pitch is removed, leaving a flat roof that is level with the top of the original pitch.

You can avoid needing a full planning because these extensions typically fall under your approved development rights. In addition, these loft conversions are a cost-effective option to add a second story to your home.

Porch extension

This form of extension does not offer a new room, but it is quite popular among property owners because it raises the house’s value and outside appeal. Although a porch would help to create a space between the two, it is especially important if your front entrance opens directly into your living room. So, the homeowner would have a place to put umbrellas or dirty shoes.

Due to its simplicity, this kind of extension is frequently performed. One explanation for this is that if the porch is not heated and is isolated from the house by an interior door, planning clearance is not required. So it is simple to build a porch extension.

Final thoughts

A perfect home extension is undoubtedly the way to go if you feel you are restricted in your property. Before consulting with a specialist for Home Extensions Brisbane, learning about the various available types will give you inspiration for what is possible in your home.

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