Their Most Popular Arcade Was Transformed into Mobile Versions GameStop Dave and Busters

Today saw the launching of three new mobile games based on some of Dave and Busters’ most well-known arcade games, solidifying Dave & Buster’s as the go-to destination for fun, food, and friends.

Customers may play on their smartphones and get rewards in the real world, which is a first for Dave And Busters Games. By participating in games, players can earn tickets, which they can then exchange for prizes at any Dave & Buster’s location in the US or Canada that accepts the Power Card. The prizes include toys, video games, iPads, and gaming systems, to name just a few. Both iOS and Android devices allow for the download of the games.

All of Dave and Buster’s Games for mobile devices, including speed of light, are based on well-liked games at Dave and Buster’s arcades. By adding fresh components to the mobile games, adapting them for a smaller screen, and using the technology that enables players to purchase tickets and transfer them directly to their Power Card, the development teams boosted the arcade-styled excitement.

Coupons are Accessible

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Creating a Virtual Environment

Providing a virtual experience was something we wanted to do to improve our in-store experience, according to Kevin Bachus, senior vice president of entertainment and gaming strategy. Customers can now carry on their good moments from Dave and Buster’s even when they are not present. Downloading our fresh new mobile games will grant them access to free tickets that they may use towards incentives on their subsequent visit.

Destination for Multi-Platform Gaming

Kevin Bachus, a veteran of the video game industry, oversaw the development of these cutting-edge new games for Dave And Busters Games. In order to turn the in-house arcade into a multi-platform gaming hotspot, David Bachus, a former Microsoft Xbox console designer, joined a restaurant chain with locations in Dallas in 2012.

The ideal location to watch a game

In the Americas, 76 Dave and Buster’s restaurants and entertainment venues with multiple locations are operated by Dave And Busters Games, Inc., a company based in Dallas, Texas. Dave and Buster’s is renowned for its large menu of delectable foods and beverages in addition to its most recent games and attractions. Visitors can test their skills on some of the world’s most advanced simulators and skill games here. Dave & Buster’s is the ideal venue to watch a game because it has a bustling sports bar with large televisions.

High-Quality Mobile Gaming Solutions

Leading mobility solution supplier Dave and Busters Games serves both Fortune 500 corporations and cutting-edge startups. For more than twenty years, Robosoft has been creating software for companies, consumers, and game developers. Their portfolio currently contains more than 1,400 programs. Robosoft is a creative business that employs brilliant designers and engineers to produce high-quality mobile solutions for gaming businesses and business clients.

Provides Mobile Arcades

The development of mobile versions of in-store games aims to increase customer foot traffic and brand identification. To increase foot traffic and repeat business, Dave and Busters Games has developed mobile versions of three of its most well-known arcade games for smartphones. 76 restaurant-entertainment complexes are operated nationwide by the Dallas-based firm. The business claims that by taking part in virtual smartphone games, its customers can win rewards in the real world.

Both Systems Allow the Downloading of Games

Kevin Bachus, senior vice president of entertainment and gaming strategy at Dave And Busters Games, stated that the business was looking to widen its concept of entertainment in an interview with Nation’s Restaurant News that was published on Friday. When they buy with us, almost all of our customers bring their smartphones. Bachus, who has been in his current position at Dave and Buster’s for almost 2.5 years, comments on how well-received this enhancement to the entertainment experience has been.

New Features Included

The development teams, according to Dave And Busters Games, enhanced the traditional arcade experience by adding new features and tailoring the games for a smaller screen. utilising the technology that enables gamers to acquire tickets and send them straight to their D&B Power Card. It is used in its venues to play the games. Customers can buy Power Cards at Dave & Buster’s locations and load them with different amounts of money at the front counter kiosks.

The Speed of Light Display in the Game

Games from Dave & Busters Famous mobile app games like Fruit Ninja, Bull Run, and Candy Crush Saga, according to Bachus, have been available in true arcade form for a number of years. Big Bass Wheel was by far the most played game at Dave and Buster’s arcades, according to Bachus. Additionally, according to Bachus, releasing the game on mobile devices improved the standing of the business.

Pleasant and Simple Method

Customers can choose between traditional paper tickets and electronic tickets loaded onto a Power Card utilising the devices. The ability to redeem or accumulate these electronic tickets over several trips to the same venue or app is a benefit. According to Bachus, a lot of people would like to use that kind of card swiping because it is simpler and more attractive-looking.

Customers Use Power Cards

According to Bachus, Dave, And Busters Games will assess the effectiveness of their app using a variety of indicators, including the quantity of downloads and the number of weekly and monthly users. Because we want to know if it affects how many people visit the stores flick deals hub or how much money they spend there, this is an experiment of a special kind. Power Cards are frequently used by guests as throwaway one-time items. By having tickets link directly to the card, we think this will boost the value of each Power Card and allow us to better track client traffic.

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