The Gemstones and The Tales Associated with Them

Magpies, aren’t we humans? We see a shining and glittering material, get obsessed with it and then, in order to make is stand out from the rest of the crowd of rocks, we call them gemstones. Well, that’s just a perspective on how the human’s obsession with the gemstones might have come into being but, as of now, gemstones hold great importance in various fields. In the world of jewellery and accessories, women and girls just go made over it, in the world of astronomy, they are known to control planets and henceforth, your life.

The genres are wide and vast but one thing which remains the same is humankind’s love for these gemstones. Now, these gemstones did not come to this stage on their own. We have various mythical and historical stories related to these gemstones.

Let’s discuss a few of them and we will have a better idea about the gemstones and the stories associated with them.

The History of Emeralds

Emeralds have always been captivated the heart of the humans. The oldest emerald mines were found in Egypt which date back to 1500 BC. But the real attention that this gemstone received was somewhere around 330 BC when the Pharaos became fond of these glittering rocks. Cleopatra VII also in particular was in love with this gemstone and loved adorning herself and the palace with the emeralds. Emeralds since then became popular.

Also, she loved gifting the emeralds to foreign dignitaries which ensured that this gemstone reached different parts of the globe and as a rare metal. Fast forward, even in modern times, this gemstone holds the same importance and a major reason behind the fact that people love this gemstone is that it is associated with fertility and immortality. Emerald engagement rings UK are so popular that people go for getting engagement rings personally designed according to their choice using this gemstone.

The Story of Umina, the Giant Emerald Goddess

The emeralds also have various mythical stories associated with it. One such story goes on as people of Manta which is present day country of Ecuador, used to worship an extremely big and mysterious emerald which was said to be the size of an ostrich’s egg. This emerald was though to be the symbol of Goddess Umina, as she was represented by this gemstone and worshiped in this form. The tale says, on big days when there was feast in the kingdom, the priests used to bring the big emerald out of the temple so that people could worship the gemstone and they in this process also brought Goddess Umina’s daughters (the other small emeralds) to be worshipped collectively. This tale is not merely a story, it also denotes that the area was rich in emeralds and this is the region from where it was sent of other parts of the world. However, the Spanish later looted the country and the mines in Aztecs and Inca were seized by them.

The above mythical stories and historical excerpts, only ensure that the Emeralds were supposed to hold great value in those times when mining was a tough task. But the fact is that even today these gemstones which include not only emeralds but also other precious and semi-precious gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, etc are all considered to be invaluable when mining has become a relatively easy task. The major reason behind this is that they have been associated with granting different powers to mankind. For example, sapphires are associated with increasing productivity and creativity thereby promoting pure thoughts in mind. This is the reason why blue sapphire rings are considered to be the best for people with an artistic bend of mind. The other gemstones in the similar manner are supposed to activate different energies in humans.

Summing Up
There are various reasons why these gemstones became so obsessional for humans. But nevertheless, these gemstones are beautiful indeed. They can be considered to be the result of amazing chemical reactions talking place deep beneath the earth or the gift of the Gods, in either way, everyone one would like to possess these gemstones. In the modern world, you can order these gemstones or gemstone jewellery online from a trusted retail store and they will get it delivered to your doorsteps within a couple of days with a purity certificate ensuring you of its rarity and purity.

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