How To Dress Like Romantic Goth This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s week has already started and many love birds out there are preparing for the main day, that is 14th February. From the 7th of February to the 14th of February, it is an everyday celebration for lovers when they pamper each other with beautiful gifts and date nights. Whereas some celebrate the entire week, there are some who celebrate their love only on 14th Feb. Whether you want to celebrate your love for a week or just on the D day, it completely depends upon you. However, one thing which is permanent is dressing up for your loved one so that you can make their day more special. This Valentine’s day, make your appearance more special and expressive. In short, this Valentine’s day, embrace dark romance with romantic goth style. Many people do not like to go with the conventional norms of wearing red or pink on this day, they try out something different and something unique. Hence, a romantic goth style is a distinctive fashion style which you can try to make your day special with your partner. There are many women’s gothic dresses out there which you can opt to get a romantic gothic style for Valentine’s day.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the tips which you can follow to dress like a romantic gothic style on this special day. Many fashion enthusiasts believe that gothic fashion is gloomy, melancholic and forlorn, however, this is not the case alway. It is a part of gothic fashion and you can dress that way depending upon the theme, however, the other part of gothic fashion reveals the dramatic, expressive and bold side of it which is suitable for special occasions, like Valentine’s day. It reveals the powerful aura which you carry within yourself and from which everybody gets an appealing and positive vibe. You can easily get different types of gothic outfits and accessories from different websites. Jordash Clothing is one such website in the UK where you will get a wide variety of gothic outfits and accessories, such as a gothic skirt, top, occult jewellery and so on.

Let us now have a look at some of the tips which you can follow to dress like a romantic goth on the occasion of Valentine’s day.

Women’s Gothic Dresses

Play with Colours

Instead of going for the conventional colours, like red or pink on Valentine’s day, wearing something different and distinctive. As you are choosing the romantic goth fashion for this day, you can incorporate colours like, black, velvet blue, deep red, purple and alike. It is better to amalgamate black colour with these colours to add a touch of romance. In other words the enigmatic beauty of romance nust be highlighted in these dark shades; as it is the day of love and romance, the colour of your outfit must match with the occasion. For instance you can wear a black gothic blouse and pair it with a skirt or a trouser in red, purple and any similar colour. This will give you an appealing look.

Go for Sophisticated Attire

Of course you can choose the attire as per your comfort, however, choose the one which adds a touch of sophistication and drama to your appearance, which is the very essence of goth fashion. Victorian inspired Flowy and flared gowns or maxi dresses with lace details are the best examples of romantic goth fashion which exudes sophistication and elegance along with romance. You can pair them with accessories like, gothic gloves, corsets and alike to look more regal and elegant.

Gothic Blouse

Accessories, Makeup and Hairstyle

For jewellery, you can choose the occult jewellery pieces featuring crosses, skulls, pentagrams and so on. You can choose chokers, earrings, bracelets and so on having gothic motifs and patterns. Also you can incorporate accessories like hearts and roses as well which are the symbols of romance. When it comes to makeup, keep it subtle and expressive. Do not go for pale skin, because your intention is not to scare your partner, but to invoke the love which he has for you. Keep your eyes bold and dark and incorporate dark colour lip shades to make your lips look bold. Victorian inspired hairstyles do wonder, if you are planning a romantic date with your partner. Braided hairstyles, loose curls and sophisticated updos are some of the hairstyles which carry a touch of elegant romance with them.

Summing Up

These are some of the tips which you can follow to dress like a romantic goth on Valentine’s day. You can easily get different gothic outfits and accessories from stores selling exclusive gothic items, such as goth trousers and alike.

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