Guide to Understanding Motorcycle Spare Parts That Require Frequent Replacement

For those who are in possession of two-wheeled vehicles, the understanding that the bike spare parts sitting inside your cherished loving bike might eventually wear and break would be a wise choice.

With the manufacturing companies considering the fact that two-wheelers should be able to handle the riding pressure for a long period, the fact that with the passage of time, all components need replacing is quite natural. The single-footed question is which of the parts from your two-wheeler you could replace. Not one chance is left for the engine to wear out with the use of fake spare parts.

When it comes to the components of your two-wheeler, the choices vary from the type of engine to the different kinds of fairings available. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts available at the best bike accessories online store in India and offline are always a better choice since these are genuine parts designed, developed, and mounted by the business that developed, designed, and assembled your machine and knew its innermost details – from nuts and bolts onwards.

This is unfortunate, people are often choosing cheaper options not understanding they are costlier, and are even putting their lives at risk in a worst-case scenario. This disputes the factuality that low-cost third-party spares do not comply with the norms of sufficient quality, they are made with imperfect materials and they are of low safety.

Original spare parts will help you avoid invalidating the warranty, improve reliability and performance, and save you from the headache of dealing with warranty and support issues.

Importance of changing bike spare parts

Maintain the reliability factor

OEM spare parts, as you proceed to guess, are far superior to third-party counterparts in the reliability aspect. For the ones that are authentic, each piece has to go through a stringent quality assurance process to guarantee that it works as it should. Therefore, only top-quality spare parts leave the assembly lines, ensuring perfect reliability and durability. One of the downsides is that the cheap spares don’t undergo adequate inspection and use low-standard materials to lower the price.

This is a critical point that has always had an influence on the reliability of the spare parts and their serviceability. Simply put, a mediocre rear tire will have to be changed each year to a top-of-the-line spare that will maintain its performance for the next three years. Relying on the low-priced second-party elements may come back at you in the long run cost while affecting performance and believability. In addition, the damage to the next best level of components may be inflicted by buying substandard parts. Precision parts cannot be relied on, unlike cheaper spare parts — just invest your time to learn the difference.

Maintain cost-effective factor

Parts produced by manufacturers might be a little more costly when one compares them to their duplicates of low quality at the beginning; however, they turn out to be cheaper by and large. Let’s consider how a genuine new clutch plate can save money in the future when compared to buying cheaper original equipment with the same capacity. With the recent coming-up of high-quality

clutches that have gone through rigorous testing and maxing of the production process, the genuine clutch plates should be expected to last twice as long as the less expensive ones.

Ensure high-quality product warranty

A third-party spare part manufacturer could not produce spares that would outperform the official spares on all quantifiable criteria. When visiting the manufacturer, they will teach, educate, and refresh your employees with the latest manufacturing methods. Among them are lean manufacturing practices, cost control, effective efforts to reduce waste, and ergonomic thinking. Automobile production companies have all the obligations for products which unit they put on the market as their customers. OEMs cover warranty, which in addition to the peace of mind it gives, brings savings. When you purchase the genuine ones you solve one big problem of sub-standard performance and an extended guarantee that only original parts can be given.

Important Bike Parts to Replace Frequently

Let’s take a look at motorcycle parts that require frequent replacement to enhance your riding condition and safety.

1. Tires

Tires which happen to be the parts one can then see will also wear the most. Although they are made for such conditions, deep down the repair person in you says that these are components which you wouldn’t want to cut-cost or postpone repair.

The least you can do is have a tire examination yearly if you will be using your motorcycle throughout the year. An experienced mechanic would be the best option for this, of course, although in the circumstances you can take a look by yourself as well. Watch out for any stains or faults. Among the most popular ones are braking and tire sidewall deformation.

In most cases, tires that are rolling for more than 5 years without replacement should be changed anyway due to the fact that they might still look good to the eye though they are a problem. We also recommend replacing your front tire at the end of 5,900 kilometers and rear tire when you reach 2,900 kilometers.

Brake pads

Brake pads are responsible for slowing your motorcycle in action, when in motion. In doing this, they therefore run through many forces and friction that easily can result in breakage.

Regular inspection of your brake pads is indispensable. This contributes to the need for you to detect undamaged pads which can severely cause a fatal accident if not repaired in good time. You can feel safer if before a long ride, you just check the tires and the ones that need changing are replaced.

Among indicators to notice the brake wear and tear is the pad thickness. If the pad is less than 2 mm, it’s time to replace it. Additionally, check your brake fluid and make sure their lack levels are okay.

Bike spark plug

Spark plugs are what actually start your engine, and are the vessels that help in the ignition process of the motorcycle. But, it also comes into direct contact with a lot of combustion, electricity, and heated air and fails to function effectively every now and then.

It’s clearly unequivocal to realize it if your time for changing spark plugs has come. When these light bulbs pass their given time and start to corrode on the wire, either the center or outer ends become loose. An indicator of this is a metal grounding rod, and this implies you need to replace it right off.

This part affects the wear and tear on the vehicle and thus the cost of maintenance but it may weaken the sooner.

Oil filter and engine filter

This one may have the most obsolete piece of all the issues listed next. Oil change intervals are not equal for each bike model, so consult the user’s manual to see how often, in particular for your favorite ride, you have to change the oil.

Oil filters have to be changed every time the oil is changed along with your car oil change. This gives you some particular working time, hence, your new engine oil stays free from the greater contaminants and does its job until the time of your next oil change.

Engine fork oil

Other than that, using the lifters don’t forget to check your fork oil. It is this that brings the apex of your rim into pinpoint focus and helps the forks, axle, front wheel, and frame to work more effectively as a group. In addition to that, you won’t have to deal with your motorcycle moving helped by the forces of the road. And, you can also prevent your vehicle from tipping over.

A leak from the tubes of the mainframe that go through the eyes is the initial sign that will tell you that the oil needs to be replaced. Similarly, the best option is to change it every year if it begins failing.


Motorcycle maintenance is an important task to perform and ensure a safe riding experience ahead. You should be aware of the importance of genuine motorcycle parts and accessories that are sure to extend your two-wheeler’s running life. Also, get to know the frequently changing parts to further extend your riding pleasure.

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