Since its inception in 2015, Navigo Taxis Exeter has made every effort to provide you with the best possible services. You can easily use its services by using their online booking system or calling 44-1392-341120.

Regardless, Navigo Taxis keeps its clients as its first concern. The company has always prioritized customer satisfaction and will continue to do so. It has always supported your right to freely move and work without discrimination based on your gender, caste, beliefs or capabilities.

Navigo Taxis consents to a convenient ride and gives quality client care. The organization’s client based philosophy and its commitment, dedication and commitment to administrations can be noticeably found in the cautious choice of drivers through broad and thorough preparation programs.

Navigo Exeter Taxi showcases one of the most important qualities, which is being on time and punctual, in order to become a company that customers can rely on and a favorite among them. The drivers learn to be responsible and meet the needs of their customers by arriving on time and safely.

The taxis are cleaned on a regular basis and kept up to date. There is no evidence of trash or other items left behind by previous passengers, so the air is kept clean and fresh.

Your taxi driver should have a universal knowledge of the region and the street. Navigo Taxis Exeter ensures that the hired drivers have up-to-date information, such as when the roads typically see a lot of traffic or whether the roads are open.

The Navigo Taxis Exeter drivers are warm and welcoming. The most courteous taxi drivers assist passengers with their bags and luggage. As a passenger in their vehicle, you want to feel safe and at ease. With careful driving, our goal is to provide each passenger with a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Is it Possible to Reserve a Navigo Taxi for Long-Distance Occasions?

Exeter Taxi services not only offer regular and local transportation, but they also offer cost-effective and convenient transportation to weddings and other distant events. Whether you want to attend a wedding at Exeter Castle or anywhere else, you can use its services at prices that are surprisingly affordable.

On Navigo Taxis Exeter, How do You Reserve a Taxi?

That’s not hard at all. To begin booking, select your pick-up and drop-off locations first. After that, a selection of vehicle options will be presented to you, from which you can choose the one that best meets your requirements for the upcoming journey. In the end, choose the most reasonable method of payment for your excursion while also evaluating the cost. Always make sure to check all of the driver’s information. like his ratings, car number and name. You can also take a selfie or make specific notes for the driver to help them find you more easily.

Assortment of Vehicles for an Agreeable Air Terminal Travel:

 You can use our services to get a taxi in Exeter with a specific range of luggage allowance at affordable rates, whether you need a ride to the airport for business or a weekend getaway with your family. You can choose from standard, MVP and Multi-seater options.

Perfect for Local and Popular Destinations: 

Navigo Taxis being a highly rated local taxis in Exeter offers reliable and professional service and covers a wide range of not only local but popular destinations in Exeter as well like,

  • Exeter Cathedral
  • Sandy Park
  • Exeter Northcott Theatre 
  • Exeter Historic Guildhall
  • Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery

The Exeter Taxi services are not just limited to regular commuting, also offer convenient transportation to weddings and other far-distance events at affordable prices. Whether you want to attend a wedding at Exeter Castle or any other venue, its services can be availed at surprisingly cheap rates. With their flexible services, you can travel wherever you want and whenever you want without any difficulty.

Tourist Customers:

Exeter is widely praised for its theater museums and art galleries because of their historical importance and hence, it’s no surprise that this city has enjoyed being a tourist attraction for decades. Navigo’s taxi service gives a safe and cheap means of transportation for passengers while representing complete fairness throughout the ride.

Navigo taxi services in Exeter are always pleased to serve their tourist customers and treat them with extra care and respect in order to give them a pleasant and memorable ride to their respective destinations.

Vehicles in Navigo Taxis:

Navigo Taxis Exeter gives a great many vehicles relying upon the necessities of its clients. On Navigo Taxis, booking a ride is simple for any number of passengers, from one to eight, all of whom can bring suitcases.

 You can use our services for a ride to the airport for business or a weekend getaway with your family by selecting a standard, MVP or Multi-seater vehicle with GO and Max options, which vary in the number of passengers and suitcases, as one of the taxis that will best meet your requirements for taxis in Exeter with a specific range of luggage allowance and all at prices that are both affordable and affordable.

Calm Attitude of Drivers:

With most positions, taxi drivers will encounter both great travelers and irritated annoyed travelers. The best taxi drivers know that their passengers will experience a variety of emotions. A skilled taxi driver can recognize these feelings and respond appropriately. It’s significant for taxi drivers to peruse their crowd and decide the best method for correspondence, compatibility and consistency.

Good passengers will almost always outnumber bad passengers in most cases. Despite that fact, it’s simply practical to expect that each taxi driver will encounter various travelers that are worried, disappointed, furious, late for an early flight or intoxicated.

Drivers of taxis need to be patient and relaxed during these times. Without the thought of tolerance and understanding, taxi drivers will feel burnt out on their not-so-great travelers rapidly.

The Exeter Taxi drivers recruited in Navigo exhibit friendly and respectful behavior towards their customers.

Gillian Kingdon describes his experience with Navigo Taxi Exeter by quoting that,

“I booked a Navigo taxi to take me to a hospital appointment the car arrived promptly and the driver was polite and helpful assisting me with the problem caused by my broken wrist. I am delighted to say the return car was just as impressive.”

An Exeter Taxi customer, Jeremy T on October 2018 quotes that,

“I booked a taxi over the phone with Jo and she was a superstar. She was very helpful in making all the arrangements for me as I needed quite a few cabs during my stay. The driver was there on time and he was also very helpful and lifted my luggage in and out of the cab which many drivers don’t do.

Overall it was a fabulous service and would recommend Navigo Taxis to anyone needing a fabulous taxi service in Exeter.”

Another Exeter Taxi user, Jane Kane quoted that,

” I would definitely recommend this taxi company. Friendly, always on time an green too.They are the cheapest taxi I have used yet. Call operator was very friendly and helpful.”

 As reviewed by Heather S on 14 March 2018,

“Great Service

The lady on the phone was very helpful, the driver was on time and helped us into the car with our luggage. Very pleasant, will be using Navigo taxis again when I’m in Exeter.”

Keeping Customers as their Top Priority: 

Navigo Taxis services has always enjoyed a reputable position in the society and will not tolerate any kind of misconduct with our customers. The company will stand with its customers and will try their level best  to solve their problems.

The Navigo Taxis has developed some rules and regulations with the purpose to make sure that each encounter is civil, conducted safely and peaceful. All users of the Navigo service in the UK, involving drivers and passengers are restricted to follow, respect and stand by the regulations set by the company. 

Navigo has always felt pleasure in supporting our customer’s dignity and has maintained its position as one of the leading Exeter Taxi services ever since its foundation. Whether you need a car ride to go to work or send your child to school safely and on time, Navigo enjoys being the top choice for the local users.

Navigo Taxis will forever be appreciative for the loyalty and trust our users have given us for all these years and promises to evolve and establish ourselves to become a trustworthy and reliable company.

Harassment or discrimination is strongly condemned by the company:

Navigo Taxis strongly opposes criticism of any kind and strongly believes in preserving a professional and secure work environment for all employees. As a result, any form of misconduct, assault, harassment or prejudice in the workplace is strictly prohibited.

Unless it is to return or receive a lost item, all communication should stop after the trip or delivery is complete. Any unwanted contact, including texts, phone calls, interactions on social media, in-person visits or attempts to make in-person visits after a trip or delivery has been completed, is considered harassment. You should keep your personal contact information private.

By providing exceptional services that are responsible, punctual and honest, as well as clean and value for money, Navigo Exeter Taxi has established a reputable and trustworthy relationship with local customers.

Therefore, if you need a taxi for a medical visit to the Royal Devon & Exeter or an onward taxi adventure from Exeter St. David’s Station or if you are staying in one of Exeter’s many excellent hotels to enjoy your vacation, book your Exeter Taxi on Navigo and rest assured that you will receive our highly rated customer service at low prices.

As a platform, Navigo Taxis has become reliable, practical and simple to use. It is adaptable and simple to use for local users.

Navigo UK gives recognition and trademark transport administrations for any occasion while remembering that our clients get possible rich taxi administration for extraordinarily modest and worthwhile giving them the option to pick the vehicle for their occasion. Navigo  Exeter Taxi will continue to serve its customers with integrity, loyalty and dignity.

Adam Davison recommends Navigo taxis and quotes that,

” The best taxi service I’ve ever had. Great driver and has brilliant prices, would recommend it to anyone needing a lift home, far more reactive to any pickup request than any other taxi company in Exeter. all in all, the best  taxi service I’ve ever experienced.”  

A Navigo user Viola K October 2018 stated about the Navigo services,

“Best taxis in Exeter

I have been using them since I moved to Exeter and they are very friendly and always on time, helpful and good prices. They always text me when they arrive and will always use them over the other companies.”

Another satisfied customer, Dan Lightowler on 15th March quotes that,

“Very friendly driver with a comfortable car and a great service.”

Charlie White on 12th october 2022 quotes that,

” Best taxis in Exeter. I used them for the first time last week and was very impressed. The driver I had was very friendly and helpful and have used them ever since. I use taxis regularly and would recommend Navigo taxis to anyone who wants a great service.”

Julia S on october 5th writes that,

” The taxi company is truly wonderful! quick services and extremely polite drivers. It is my go-to taxi service in Exeter. They honestly have the best quality and price range to offer! The owner is also a lovely man. What is not to like?! “

Navigo Exeter Taxi is proud to be the first choice of its users and enjoys being the customer favorite.

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