Easiest Tricks to Convert MBOX Files to PST Format in Any Outlook Version

Introduction: Converting MBOX to PST is a frequent task for many people, but they frequently fail to find the right approach. We’ll look at the best way to convert MBOX data to PST format in this post, which works with different Outlook versions. You’ve arrived at the correct spot if you’ve been looking for the most effective technique to complete this assignment.

How Many Ways Are There to Convert MBOX to PST?

There are two main choices available to users who want to convert data from MBOX to PST: third-party solutions and manual techniques. Although there are manual ways available, their popularity has declined because of accuracy issues, which has resulted in the widespread use of third-party solutions.

Using Manual Methods to Convert MBOX to PST:

Make sure that Eudora, Outlook, and the MBOX file are all installed and set up on the same machine before starting any manual conversions. Now let’s examine a manual approach:

Technique 1:

  • Transfer the MBOX file from Eudora’s file location to the new file location, file.mbox to file.mbx.
  • Open Outlook and choose “Import and Export” under “File.”
  • Select the option “Import Internet Mail and Addresses” in the Import and Export Wizard.
  • Choose “Eudora 2x, 3x, and 4x,” then press “Next.”
  • Find the location of Eudora’s file, choose the MBOX, and then press “Next.”
  • Select the system folder where you want to save the file.
  • Following the completion of the procedure, click “Finish.”

The procedures for the first manual technique of recovering an MBOX file in PST format are as follows:

The Drawbacks of Manual Methods

Although there are manual ways available, they have several drawbacks:

  • Corrupted mailboxes cannot be manually moved to Outlook PST format by users.
  • Every manual approach requires a separate set of steps, which adds time to the process.
  • Frequently, relocating big mailboxes or several mailboxes at once is not supported by manual techniques.
  • Current versions of Microsoft Outlook are incompatible with some manual approaches.
  • It’s possible that they won’t include the whole folder structure in a fresh PST file.

An Incredible Strategy to Convert MBOX Files to PST Format for Every Outlook Version

Consider utilizing the GainTools MBOX to PST Converter Tool if you’ve attempted the manual method and found it to be insufficient. This one solution is the best alternative for exporting mailboxes from MBOX to Outlook PST format since it has many features and conversion choices that are appropriate for both technical and non-technical users.

GainTools MBOX to PST Converter’s salient features include:

  • No need to Install other software to convert MBOX files to Outlook PST format.
  • Work with all Windows OS versions.
  • Smart and advanced features
  • Graphical users Interface available
  • Try version is available for all users

How to Convert MBOX Files to PST Format for Every Outlook Version:

  • Run the MBOX to PST converter software on your Windows computer after downloading it.

  • To browse and load the MBOX file, click the “Add File” button.
  • To begin mass conversion from MBOX to PST and other formats, click the “Export” button.

  • For every MBOX file, choose one or more PST files and indicate where the files should be saved on your computer.
  • Select “Export” to begin the process of bulk transfer.

You can import the MBOX PST file into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and previous versions once it’s ready.

Concluding Remarks,

In summary, this post has covered how to convert Thunderbird MBOX files to PST format, including all emails and attachments, using both manual techniques and the greatest MBOX to PST Converter. A free sample edition of the tool lets you convert few emails from each folder. Please do not hesitate to contact the Software support staff for advice and solutions if you need it or if you have any issues.

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