Can’t Decide? 7 Most Popular Gemstones to Choose From

Gemstones are popular for being captivating and are also admired for their symbolism. Some people prefer different colours, while others adore the simplicity of colourless and sparkles.

Whether you’re looking for the stone for your next piece of jewellery, a gift, or a wedding ring, getting to know the different gemstones beforehand can give you ideas about which one you should get.

A gemstone is a mineral that undergoes cutting and polishing to discover its full potential. It’s commonly used as the main piece of jewellery, such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. However, gemstones can also be used for home decorations and displays.

In this article, we’ll discuss the most popular gemstones to help you choose based on your needs.

1. Diamond

You may already have heard of the saying, “Diamond is forever”. It’s the statement indicating that diamond is the hardest material on Earth. Once a diamond has been cut and polished, the sparkles can be hard to resist.

In terms of the value of a diamond, the 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity, and carat) are used to determine how much it costs. The higher the grade of a diamond based on the 4Cs, the more expensive it can be.

Diamonds symbolise beauty, purity, and love, which is why a lot of engagement rings have diamonds in them. If you’re looking for other variations apart from the classic colourless, another popular one is the pink diamond. It’s perfect as a gift or even for personal collections.

2. Ruby

Rubies are known for being popular in the royal families. Their crowns, rings, and other accessories are usually filled with ruby since it’s known to represent power and courage. But aside from that, ruby is also viewed to represent love and passion, since it has a deep red hue.

However, other hues of ruby range from red-orange to purplish-red. The main basis for identifying the value of ruby is the carat. Compared to other coloured gemstones, this can be sold at a high price solely based on the carat size.

3. Sapphire

Do you like things in a deep blue colour? Sapphire can be the right gemstone for you! However, although the deep blue colour is known for being the basic colour of sapphire, it also comes in other colours like pink, white, and orange.

Sapphire symbolises nobility, wisdom, and fidelity. Aside from diamonds, it’s also a popular choice for engagement rings. Just like other gemstones, the vibrancy of sapphire can also be enhanced if treated with heat.


4. Emerald

Emerald is known for having a deep green colour, but its hue ranges from blue-green to yellowish green. It’s another great choice for engagement rings and as the main stone for other kinds of jewellery.

In addition, emerald is associated with the goddess of love, Venus, which is why it is known for representing fertility, rebirth, and growth. Compared to other gemstones that are evaluated mostly from the carat, emerald’s price relies solely on its colour.

5. Aquamarine

The pale blue colour of Aquamarine is usually compared to the ocean. It symbolises calmness and clarity, just like what most people feel when they look at the ocean.

The colour of aquamarine varies from light blue to blue-green. Meanwhile, its value depends on the colour. The deeper and brighter the aquamarine is, the more expensive it can be. In addition, it’s believed to be the cousin of emeralds, which is why their colour sometimes overlap.

6. Amethyst

If you’re captivated by the purple colour, and enjoy peace and calmness, you should look for jewelry with amethyst stones. It symbolises balance and sobriety, and its presence is believed to lessen stress. In Ancient Greece, it’s believed that you’re not going to get drunk if you have amethyst.

Before the discovery of the largest supply of amethyst in the 19th century, it was believed that it was one of the rarest gemstones.


7. Opal

If you love playful colours, and choosing a single shade can be hard for you, try looking at opal. Usually, this gemstone contains various colours that change their hues depending on the light. Due to this phenomenon, it’s guaranteed that there are no two opals are alike.

The popular base of opal is white, but it also comes with other colour variations. Meanwhile, it symbolises purity and hope.

In terms of maintenance, it doesn’t require too much attention as long as your jewellery is in the right setting, and protected by prongs or metals, it can last long.

Final thoughts

Choosing the perfect gemstones depends on the preferences of an individual. If you’re going to buy it for yourself, it’s easier to assess the things you like. On the other hand, if it’s for someone else, like a gift or engagement ring, try to get to look at the gemstones in their current jewellery. Unfortunately, if they don’t you can base the gift on what you think fits them well.


Have you finally found your favourite gemstone? Let us know which of these gemstones captivated your heart at the first site by leaving a comment below!

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