Budget-friendly Ways to Decorate your Accommodation

Now that you have where you want to stay at the university, it is time to think about how you want to decorate your room. Whether you are moving to the university as a fresher or you are moving to a new accommodation, decorating your own space and making it feel like your own home is really significant.

While this sounds really expensive, here are some of the best ways to decorate on a budget. Yes, you can decorate your room on a budget. From bedding to lamps and decoration, we have put everything together as a guide so you can get the most out of your university experience.

Add some beautiful fairy lights: A string of fairy lights is really important for any student who look to create a Pinterest-worthy bedroom. These can be draped across your student apartments and are also seamless for holding up photographs from home with some pegs if needed.

Invest in a warm blanket: A blanket can provide you with a warm homely touch. Dress your bed with a blanket or throw if you are feeling really fancy. These not only add to the look of the room, but they also serve well in the winter when it gets really chilly. They are also very cozy which makes them perfect for when you are feeling homesick. You can also check out nearby shops to find some cheap homeware.

Incorporate some plants: House plants are the perfect addition to any room. They do not just look great but they also prove to reduce stress, enhance productivity, and increase the air quality. You can find some plants that attract the eyes of the people, calm the soul, and also bring peacefulness to any room. Do not worry if you are not naturally green-fingered as there are some interesting plants that are super easy to look at. Monstera, Spider Plant, Hedgehog Aloe Vera as well as ZZ plant which are a good addition.

Add a deadline board: It is no secret that students have a lot to remember when they go to study abroad. Be it the essay deadline, examination dates, or lunches with friends, you can keep a count. You can cover your room with Post-it notes, but if you want it to look tidier, then creating your own deadline board is the easy way out. You can easily buy one or show your creativity.

Use decorative vines or strings: If you want to enhance your private student accommodation, you can use decorative vines. This really brings a beautiful addition to your room and you don’t have to invest time to maintain them. Vines are a great way to add a pop of color and personality to any room without turning it into an actual jungle.

Use wall hangings: When you are staying in university halls or any other student accommodation, the landlord will now allow you to paint the walls. But that does not mean you cannot accessorize them and bring some color. Wall hangings are one of the best ways to decorate the room. A tapestry or some unique fabrics is one of the best ways to bring fresh additions to the room. Other ideas comprise hanging a map or flag. But before you add anything check the rules.

Accessorize with cushions: If money is really tight, then you can update your room with some beautiful cushions. You can visit the charity shops and the high street to find some amazing places where you can get some unique and different fabrics which are really cheap. If you are feeling really imaginative, then try your own design. Either way, you can scatter some cushions on the bed is one of the best ways to get different patterns as well as colors into the room.

Hang a mirror: So, if you have arrived at the furnished student housing and there is no mirror? Then you will be in real pain. You can go to the stores like IKEA and so on and here you will find a lot of low-cost ones in the charity shops. If you are now allowed to hang things up across the room, you can look out for mirrors that have stands or that can lean against the wall.

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