Best File Recovery Techniques to Restore Old Outlook Deleted Mail

Are you trying to recover lost emails but don’t know how? Do not panic if you are in a similar circumstance. This post will elucidate the reasons behind the destruction of your file and provide instructions on how to retrieve Outlook emails.

Most people use Outlook for personal and professional email. Because you can manage contacts, calendars, and emails using the software. Protect your PST files from theft by password-protecting them. Outlook is one of the best email systems around. Despite these benefits, users confront challenges like data loss.

Why Recover Outlook’s Permanently Deleted Emails?

Not all users know how to erase old emails. Many causes might cause this issue, making it hard to pinpoint. However, certain common variables cause this difficulty.

  • You erased files accidentally or purposefully. You want the emails immediately.
  • We delete emails after a retention period.
  • You selected an advanced option to delete emails when Outlook ends.
  • A virus or malware assault might potentially delete your emails.
  • These factors deleted your previous emails; therefore, you’re seeking ways to retrieve them.

Outlook Deleted Email Recovery Methods

When data issues like file corruption or loss occur, you should backup your files. You can recover emails when problems emerge. In this case, we retrieve lost Outlook emails from a backup file. Additionally, what if we don’t have a backup file? There is a professional approach to recovering all deleted Outlook data, including ancient ones, regardless of backup. This problem has two solutions.

  • Recover lost emails manually using a backup file.
  • Professional method: Restore Outlook emails with software.
  • Manually recover Outlook Permanently deleted emails

Follow the procedures below to retrieve lost emails from a backup file.

  • Search your device’s control panel for the missing email backup.
  • Then click Restore My Files. Click Browse for Files or Folders to save recovered files.
  • Outlook fetches files and shows old emails after selecting a location.
  • Unless you have a backup, these procedures cannot be followed. The next approach will work if you irreversibly erase the file.

Professional Outlook Email Retrieval is Possible.

This solution employs Softaken’s top-notch free Outlook PST Repair Software. This freeware recovers Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, and more. We first load our files with your old emails, then use clever technology to recover and display your data in red. After that, store the recovered data in a new PST. The PST File Conversion Wizard lets you export your new PST file to EML, MBOX, etc. for deletion.

The Software Features Are:

Before recovering old, permanently lost emails in Outlook, there are other features.

  • Recover many emails and other data at once.
  • File scanning options include a rapid scan and a detailed scan.
  • Multiple preview modes let you see recovered HEX, HTML, RTF, etc. files.
  • The app works on most Windows versions, including 11, 10, 8, etc.
  • The method preserves folder organization and data integrity.

Restoring Old Outlook Emails

  • Download and run the software. Then click Add File.
  • Now you can explore the files: Select or search for the file. Open your PST file with any choice.
  • Click Add after scanning your files for corruption using Quick or Advance scans.
  • After scanning, the utility loads and recovers files. Click Email on the left to view missing emails.
  • Red indicates deleted emails. Now preview the files.
  • Select PST under Export Options. Browse your files and click Export.

In Conclusion,

This article applies to recently deleted and old Outlook emails. Before recovering old Outlook emails, we explore the cause and the two methods: manual and professional. Professional software restores files without backup, whereas manual methods need backup files.

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