How to Pick the Right Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. And what better way to celebrate love than with a beautiful bouquet? But with so many options at your local florist in Arlington VA, how do you pick the perfect arrangement that will make your sweetheart swoon? So let us give you some tips on picking out the right Valentine’s blooms that are sure-fire outpourings of affection.

Decoding the Flower Language

Every flower has a special meaning associated with it. So naturally on a holiday celebrating romance, you’ll want an assortment of loving, passionate symbols. Some flowers that scream “BE MINE” include:

  • Red roses – Classic symbols of romance and desire
  • Tulips – Represent perfect, enduring love
  • Gardenias – Convey joy and sweetness
  • Lilies – Associated with majesty and regal beauty

When visiting your nearby flower shop in Arlington, look for bouquets with these amorous flowers front and center. A bonus is that many of these flowers are brightly colored reds and pinks that just shout Valentine’s Day charm.


Consider Custom Arrangements

Now we know roses are the expected choice. But why not think outside the chocolate box a bit? Flower shops likely offer custom-crafted arrangements where you can pick your flowers in your loved one’s favorite colors and styles.

Get creative with an eclectic mix of sunflowers, carnations, alstroemeria, and more. Add some Eucalyptus for an organic touch. With a DIY custom bouquet, you can give your sweetie an intricately personal gift made just for them.


Opt for Delivery

No matter which romantic arrangement you select, we always recommend letting professionals handle the delivery logistics. The last thing you need on Valentine’s Day is to be stuck in traffic with a bouquet of limp tulips or to arrive sweaty and flustered from lugging a cumbersome vase across town.

Instead, schedule a delivery from your local florist. Your Valentine’s Day flowers in Arlington VA will arrive picture-perfect, and better yet, you get to skip being the delivery guy/girl yourself! Most flower shops offer contactless delivery options too!


Order Early!

Valentine’s Day demands for flowers drastically outweigh the available supply. So do not wait until February 13 or 14 to visit your neighborhood flower florist.

By mid-February, the most luxurious arrangement options will likely be long gone, picked over by savvy romantic purchasers. Spare your loved one (and yourself) the disappointment of lackluster grocery store leftovers. Mark your calendar now to lock in an order at your favorite shop a week or two early.

Trust us, when it comes to gifting gorgeous blooms to your special someone, the early birds will capture the WOW factor they desire. Procrastinators, let’s say you may end up on the couch that evening.

So there you have it – our tips for selecting A+ Valentine’s arrangements that will delight even the most discerning darling. Just be sure to visit your local florist soon and avoid last-minute letdowns!

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