2 Explained Solutions to Export Thunderbird Mailbox to MS Outlook 2021

Summary/Intro: Are you facing the challenge of moving emails from Thunderbird to Outlook? This comprehensive guide explores the reasons for migration, manual methods, and software solutions to ensure a smooth transition. Stay tuned to discover reliable tools for a hassle-free export.

Reasons to Move from Thunderbird to Outlook:

  • Differing Mail Formats: Outlook and Thunderbird support distinct mail formats, necessitating conversion for compatibility.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Thunderbird lacks mobile support, while Outlook offers a user-friendly mobile application.
  • Enhanced Security: Outlook’s PST file ensures heightened security, limiting access to authorized systems.
  • Global Popularity: As a Microsoft product available in 30+ languages, Outlook stands as a widely used and versatile email client.

Manual Method for Thunderbird to Outlook Migration:

While manual methods exist, they can compromise composition and mail properties, making them suitable for limited users or smaller files. The detailed manual process is outlined here.

Thunderbird to Outlook PST Conversion: Manual Method

Note: Before proceeding, ensure you have a backup of your important data to avoid any accidental loss.

Open Thunderbird:

  • Start your computer’s Thunderbird application.

Make a New Folder:

  • To store the emails you wish to transfer to Outlook, make a new folder in Thunderbird.

Choose Emails:

  • Navigate to the folder where the emails you want to export are stored.
  • Choose the emails you wish to transfer to Outlook. Shift or Ctrl can be used to select multiple emails.

Drag and Drop:

  • Drag and drop the chosen emails into the newly made folder.
  • In essence, a copy of the emails is created by this operation.
  • Thunderbird saves e-mails in the EML file format, which may be exported. Right-click on the folder, pick “Save as,” and then select the EML format to export. On your PC, save these files to a spot.

To use the Outlook Import Wizard, launch Outlook on your computer.

  • To import EML files, open Outlook and click “File” > “Open & Export” > “Import/Export.”
  • Tap “Import from another program or file” and choose it, then hit “Next.”
  • Choose “Outlook Data File (.pst)” as the file format, then press “Next.”

Select the PST file:

  • Name the file and open the directory where you want to save it.
  • Select the freshly produced folder and click “Next” to import the EML files.

Complete the import:

  • Follow the instructions shown on the screen to complete the import process. Make sure you decide to add subfolders if that is applicable.

Finalize the Procedure:

  • Once the import process is complete, the imported emails may be located in Outlook’s assigned folder.

Uses for Stress-Free Relocation:

Using third-party solutions to expedite the transfer process is recommended.

Features: an intelligent program that lets you move emails from one or more Thunderbird accounts to Outlook.

  • Offers functionality in an intuitive interface, including filters, bulk migration, and a preview.
  • A powerful graphical user interface (GUI) tool that transfers data from one or more Thunderbirds to Outlook in PST format.
  • Compatible with all Windows and Outlook versions, including 2019, 2016, and others.
  • A fast wizard tool for anyone seeking a simple solution
  • It converts Thunderbird data to Outlook PST format effortlessly, even with entire attachments.


  • Install the DataVare Thunderbird to Outlook Converter Software after downloading it.
  • Open the tool and enter your Thunderbird login information.
  • Choose PST as the export format and the desired Thunderbird mailbox.
  • To begin the migration procedure, click the “Export” button.


Last Thoughts,

In conclusion, this guide provides both manual and software-based solutions to export emails from Thunderbird MBOX to Outlook in PST format. Choose the method that best suits your needs to ensure a seamless migration and access your data effortlessly in Outlook.

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