WiFi Vs. Ethernet Vs. 4G | Which one do you use and why?

WiFi Vs. Ethernet Vs. 4G

Today’s modern tech is dependent on the wire rather slowly. Why did we start using cell phones without leaving the telephone, you know? Why is it Wireless, the work that can be done with the hassle of cable, why not use wire there? If it is said, you can talk about Internet connection, make sure you talk about WiFi or 3G before Ethernet. Although the 3G broadband level of high-speed is not yet capable in our country, 4G is coming in a few months, and the 4G is certainly capable of providing broadband-level speeds. So people will use Ethernet after 4G? You can get broadband in Kenona Wireless here. Wireless technology has improved so much, in this situation, how old is it still to use the old Ethernet connection? What is the advantage of Ethernet connection, for which this technology is still alive?


The most popular connection standard of today is the WiFi, and it is universal, that means any networking partition now supports it, so easily it is possible to connect the devices with each other. Each device is already equipped with WiFi adapter, it is possible to get internet connectivity when it comes to the range of radius router, and since it is wireless, it is not necessary that the wire has no junk problem.The WiFi provides the maximum benefit of connecting to the network without any major hassles. Though WiFi cannot afford high-speed bandwidth transfer rates like Ethernet, but its portability and ease of use make it so popular.



To compare Wireless Tech, Ethernet is a little old technology today. But still, there are some prominent in it, which still make it a modern place to sit. The biggest difference between ethernet with WiFi or a different wireless technology is that it works with wires, this is the most difficult of this technology, that means you will not get the portability at all. You can not connect to any device with Ethernet. Although computers or laptops are easily connected to Ethernet, it is impossible to connect smartphones or tablets to Ethernet.But its biggest advantage is that it can handle comfortably on almost all the bandwidth of your network. Like WiFi, there is no signal loss problem or data loss problem, if the WiFi signal decreases, data loss is lost, the bandwidth transfer rate becomes slow. But there is no such problem in Ethernet. With Ethernet connections, you will get the best ping rate, which is ideal for online gaming.

3G / 4G

Although mobile devices work primarily from cell towers using the wireless mobile internet, it is possible to run the Internet on computers or laptops using 3G or 4G mobile internet. Though there are many deficiencies in 3G, 4G must have broadband collaboration technology. It is possible to transfer bandwidth to 4G @ 100 Mbit / s.You can use the mobile internet in two ways, first using the internet dongle, or using the WiFi router, the router has a built-in modem. It is possible to use the mobile portable modem or WiFi hotspot on the mobile computer.The biggest advantage of using the mobile Internet is, first of all, it must be wireless and secondly, there is a signal to go wherever you go. There is a maximum number of signal cavaliers on the mobile network. Just as the village friends are dependent on the mobile internet only. Mobile 3G / 4G Connection from public WiFi is much stronger and safer.


So what can you decide on the discussion? Let make the decision a little easier. If you have the original purpose of connecting your portability and any type of device, the WiFi best for you.


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