Why Chines Phones Are So Cheap ? Learn The Mystery Of Chines Phones

The question arises in your mind that, on one hand, prices of company phones such as Samsung, Apple, HTC etc are increasing day by day, whereas on the other hand, phones based on Chinese Phone companies like Symphony, Walton, One + etc. have the same feature rich in half or less Are available. So you might suspect that a Chinese phone has been cheezed? Chinese phones are so cheap? Is it okay to buy it? Do not imitate its equipment? I suppose you give a tinge ting with such a thousand questions in your mind.

Research & Development

See companies such as Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG, etc. spend billions of dollars each year in research and development projects. They want to develop new technology and want to develop. And it costs billions of money. You may have seen on the Internet that only $ 20,000 was spent to create an iPhone. Actually, the facts are true. But that’s the cost but only the machinery. Now you do not think about how much the company has done to research this company or how much it has been suffering for years. So small companies do not spend the amount of money spent on research and development or research and development by large companies. In fact, with the addition of research and development of Chinese Phone-based companies.



Now let’s talk about marketing or marketing. You must be sure that after the big companies leave their phones in the market, how much do they market or market. They are filled with advertisements in various international TV channels, international newspapers, internet etc. But Chinese Phone-based companies never do this. You will never see their ads internationally. If they are too much to advertise their own website or local letter magazine advertisement.



See, the number which comes after the third position after marketing is the size. If Apple speaks about it, its chief official is Tim Cook. Now Apple costs more money in the one year behind Team Cook, it is equivalent to annual turnover of companies like Symphony or Walton. Apple or Samsung, these companies are so large that they have offices all over the world. And a lot of officials work with them. As a result, these large companies spend a lot of money.


The difficulty of Chinese Phone

Many times you can see that the Chinese Phone that you have purchased is a brand new company and you may have trouble getting the service after you buy it. You may have to go to a big city to take the service. Another problem may be that the phone’s operating system and hardware are not consistent. Suppose you bought a phone with 1 GB of RAM with 6-7 thousand rupees, which runs through the Android Lollipop operating system. Now you can log your phone because of 1 GB of RAM. Besides, if the GPU (Graphics processing unit) is not good, then do not enjoy playing games. There is no other problem. You can use Chinese Phone as well.


So hopefully you know why Chinese phones are so cheap and Chinese Phone should not buy you. However, if you have any questions or have an opinion on this topic, you can tell us by tuition below.


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