What is WhatsApp and How to Get It?


WhatsApp is a mobile messaging application that allows you to text and call friends and family for free.

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. The application allows users to exchange text messages, photographs, videos, audio messages, and calls over the Internet. Users can also send documents such as pdf files through WhatsApp. WhatsApp can be used in any country even if it’s not supported by the carrier.

WhatsApp has been downloaded more than 1 billion times from Google Play Store and 1 billion from Apple App Store as of January 2017. It is valued at $19 billion with 90% of the company owned by Facebook Inc

Whatsapp vs. Facebook Messenger

Whatsapp has more than 1 billion monthly active users, Facebook Messenger is at 900 million. The two apps are so popular because they are not just messaging apps. They have become the central hub for all our social interactions. Both have great features that make them stand out from other messaging apps, but Whatsapp is the only one that has a call function.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Whatsapp Compared to Facebook Messenger?

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app that people use for sending text messages, images, videos, and audio files. It is very popular in the world and has over 1.2 billion monthly active users. It was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for 19 billion US dollars.

Some of the pros of using Whatsapp are that it uses less data than other apps, doesn’t require an internet connection to send messages, there are no ads on the app, it has end-to-end encryption, it sends messages faster than other apps and you can delete old messages off your phone to save space.

Some of the cons are that you cannot video call with this app which means not being able to see the person you are talking to while chatting on Whatsapp which can make conversations more difficult at

1. The Social Media Marketing Opportunity of Whatsapp

The Social Media Marketing Opportunity of WhatsApp

With Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram opening up their platforms to developers and advertisers, the opportunity for brands to reach consumers on these platforms is on the rise. The problem with this is that it can be difficult for some brands to figure out who their target market is on those platforms.

For instance, Facebook has a user base of 2 billion people but there are over 1 million business pages as well as over 2 million business profiles. This creates a problem for brands that have a limited budget – they have no idea which channels will be most effective in reaching their target audiences.

In addition to this problem, many brands are hesitant to invest in social media marketing because they’ve been burned before by ineffective or poorly executed campaigns


2. The WhatsApp Business Tools for an Effective Communications Strategy

The business tools on WhatsApp allow you to communicate with your team instantly with no need to share emails.

It also lets you create and distribute documents and materials.

Moreover, it offers analytics and reporting which can help with monitoring and improving customer satisfaction along with performance management.

WhatsApp gives your company the ability to use text, voice, videos, and pictures to communicate with your customers in a more personal manner. Along with that, you can create polls for any kind of research or feedback that can be useful for them as well as you too.


3. How do Setup Whatsapp Groups For Your Business And What You Need To Know?

Setting up WhatsApp groups for your business might seem like a daunting process. The truth is it’s not that difficult at all, but there are some important things you should know before diving in.

The Best Ways To Use Whatsweb Status & What You Should Know About It

What’s the best use of Whatsweb status?

Whatsweb status was designed to share your location with friends, family, or work colleagues. It has become one of the most popular ways to share locations on social media. Whatsweb status was created by Facebook so it is not surprising that it is used extensively on Facebook. You can use Whatsweb Status if you want to share your location with other nearby people. It is also a convenient way to stay in touch with others who are nearby because you can easily send them messages and location updates. If you are looking for a casual way to find out where someone is at any given time, this is an excellent app for that purpose.

The Future of Digital Marketing is on Whatsapp

Digital marketing is changing at a faster rate than ever before. The internet and social media have made it possible for businesses to reach out to their customers on a more personal level. If you are not making use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter then you may be missing out on a huge chunk of your audience. However, the biggest change in the digital marketing industry has been Whatsapp. This app allows users to message each other and share content without having to send large amounts of data through an internet connection.

Since the launch of Whatsapp in the year 2009, its popularity has skyrocketed. It is now used by 1 billion people every month which makes up 25% of the world’s population that use smartphones!


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