how does the internet work step by step

When you chat with anyone on the internet or send a call to someone, have you ever wondered how many different computers are working together to complete these tasks? You are sitting with your computer on the table or in the lap, and on the other end your friend is ready with the computer to contact you.

What is internet ??

Most people, including me, think that the word “internet” means going online. But to speak the truth, it is nothing but a common computer network. Think of a road that is wrapped around the whole world.
One computer is connected to another computer in different ways. Any computer is connected by old copper cable again by fiber-optic cable (which sends the data between the vibrations of the light) again the computers are connected to the wireless connection (wireless connection means that we understand wireless, it connects through radio waves ) And any computers connected to the satellite. And this is how we can enjoy instant messaging, email service, or download mp3 music files.

What is the real work on the internet ??

Internet service is very easy, it just transmits data from one place to another, diameter. The main functions of the machines that have been integrated into the Internet are the data transfer and distribution. In comparison to the comparison, the Internet can be compared to the Tunnel service.Tuneal services are transmitted from one place to another. But it does not matter who the letter came from or what was written in the letter. Again the letter is empty, but the tuneal service does not come to anybody. His work will reach the letter to reach the diameter. Internet works the same way.The internet, like the Tuneal service, also holds many information, from one place to another. At the same time, if the data is transmitted, then the Internet will complete it. Now you do not send an email to a message, but there is no internet connection with it. But the only way to have data transfer is to help complete the Internet, diameter. Now based on the data transfer method, we are looking for new uses. As the two European investors created Skype, they brought the telephone talk to the net. They created a program where our words could become data and conversations continued through the exchange.

How do computers work on the Internet ??

The computers that collect data from the server are called client computers. When you enter the Internet to check mail, your computer is the client, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the server and the mail comes from the mail server. The number of clients is more than the Internet on the Internet, almost billions of times.When two computers are interacting with each other, it is called Peers. If you instant messaging or share photos with your friend, then this is peer-to-peer (P2P) communication. Never behave as a computer client on PC-P and sometimes your computer server behaves as well. Suppose you have sent a photo to your friend, then your computer acts as a server (photo sets). And your friend’s computer will work as a client (photos will be accessed). Once your friend sends the photo, he will serve as a computer server (photo sets) and your computer will now serve as a client (access photos).


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