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All know scientist Thomas Alva Edison. It is said that by removing the darkness of darkness, he was the first to light the electric lamp in our house. The LED-based light-emitting diode (the light that emits from the diode) can be used to transmit data through artificial satellites. The new technology has been named Lai-Fi, which will transmit information 100 times faster than the wireless Wi-Fi network. This technology can send information up to 224 seconds per second, where the maximum speed of Wi-Fi is about every second 600 MB.

Already this new lai-fi technology has started to be recognized worldwide. For this, Walt Disney has started creating lan-fi technology. Apart from that, a recent study found that by 2015, 24.3 ExDatData data will be required in the whole world, which is impossible to provide by the current wireless connection. So experts are advised to use Lai-Fi technology to reduce this excessive increase in Internet usage.

There are many advantages in Lai-Fi technology, as well as some limitations. For example, light can not penetrate any wall. So the information broadcast through the light is much safer.

High-definition quality movies can be downloaded in a minute using Lai-Fi. And every electric light in the house can be used as a lai-fi technology router, the biggest limitation of lai-fi technology is that the receiver of computer or mobile device should be in Detro transfer LED bulb light borders. Li-Fi connection will be disconnected from one room to another. But if you can overcome this limit, the history of Wi-Fi technology usage may change. This is what Lai-Fi is a little bit about


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