What is 3D Digital Cinema ?? How does it work?

We do not need to answer how much we love entertainment. There has been a lot of changes in the experience of entertainment through technology. Not only the theater but also the home entertainment industry has come up with the 3D “The Dynamo” technology. And the numbers are not limited to only 3, the words 4, 5, 6D can be heard. But in the picture, if you do not want to have anything on the 3D, then what are the 4D, 5D, 6D movies ??

2D movie

it is Just Regular Cinema Tech. There is nothing much to do here, since the birth of the TV or from the first theater era, we are seeing 2D movies. Here the image is seen on a flat screen or screen and the full regular view is available. 2D image has two dimensions (width x height); That means everything made of TV, projector, theater, video screen, etc. created the same type of image. If an explosion is shown in the 2D movie, there will only be an explosion, but there will be no real filing here. However, according to many, 3D cinema is seen without the glass is called 2D movie! 2D is absolutely basic, so there is not much to discuss about this.


3D movie

Now let’s talk about the extraordinary tech 3d, not just the image here, it is possible to feel the distance and depth of the objects shown in the image. Yes, the way we used to see the world with empty eyes, used to feel the distance, depth of each object, 3d tech gives it a similar virtual flame. This makes the movie seem to be busier. Our eyes are located a little further away from one another, and they can see an object in a slightly different position, thus our brain creates 3D images. The two-digit image captures the eye, an image is somewhat distant, and another image is somewhat closer, thus in the process of brain processing two images to determine the depth of the object.3D television or 3d theater is shown in 3D movies using the exact same rule. Although 3D TVs are made using many different methods, most of the time, it is necessary to wear 3D glasses to show 3D images later. It is a special type of glass, with a lens of red color and another lens is of color. The red lens works as a color filter, it allows only red color to appear, and the cynosure lens catches blue and green color. That means that one eye is different from the other eye, and the color of the two eyes is captured only in two eyes. Again, the image is shown on the screen also has a different layer of a different colors, which can be seen only in one eye. In this way our brain processes these separate images and different colors together and the depth of the image is felt, the 3D image has a lot of brain tricks, which means that our brain and eyes look at things, made based on it.

4D/5D/6D movies

If you talk about 5D movies, then here are some more effects added. The film will run on 3D in ‘Surround audio’ and will be moving the seat, but the indoor environment of the movie will also be filmed in the 5D movie. For example, rain is seen in the movie, so if you sit in the theater seat, light water will fall on you. If the movie is shown in a blast, then you can feel the heat of that explosion at the time. If you are shown in the footage of a flower garden, you will also feel the fragrance of flowers! Did you understand?

There is no tech for 6D, 7D, 11D etc. If a theater is said, which movie they are running at 11D, then the diameter is nothing but marketing term. Whatever 3D separation you may have since 3d, you will see the 3D image, but 4D and 5D have more experience associated with 3D.


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