What are some of the questions students have before moving to Darmstadt?

Here are some reasons why Darmstadt is a great choice if you want to study abroad in Germany but are unsure about where to go. Situated in the Hesse federal state, Darmstadt is about thirty kilometres away from Frankfurt. Despite being a tiny city, Darmstadt has all the conveniences, and its public transit system is excellent. Moreover, among the top German universities for engineering students is the Technical University of Darmstadt. Discover all there is to know about Darmstadt by staying with us.

Living expenses in Darmstadt, Germany

The main component influencing students’ cost of living in Darmstadt is housing rent. When an international student travels to any country, this is usually the biggest expense they incur. We advise you to look into the various lodging possibilities well in advance because there is typically a high level of demand. You can expedite this process by visiting online property sites, where you get assistance in evaluating possibilities and selecting the most appropriate one. A shared flat usually costs between €350 and €450.

You will also need to add the expense of entertainment, dining out, and transportation in your monthly budget apart from the Student Accommodation Darmstadt rent. That being said, Darmstadt is a fairly walkable and bikeable city. Thus, accounting for all costs, a student’s monthly budget can range from €700 to €800, depending on lifestyle choices.

How is student life in Darmstadt?

Darmstadt is home to many international students despite being a peaceful city. Darmstadt is home to three universities: the Evangelische Hochschule, which grants degrees in social work and nursing, the Technical University of Darmstadt, which is well-known for its engineering vocations, and the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. Darmstadt’s top institutions regularly provide free language and sports courses. Additionally, students typically enjoy planning events and activities, such as travels, cultural excursions, and going out to parties or drinks.

Even though Darmstadt is a small city, there are usually parties and a lively environment since so many students want to have a good time. 

There are many of locations to party, but the most popular ones are A5, Krone, and Nova. The city centre’s Central Station, a structure devoted to cultural events, serves as another location for regular concerts.

What are some of the questions students have before moving to Darmstadt

Frankfurt is a bigger metropolis than other places, therefore even if electronic music will still be the most popular genre, you will find a range of atmospheres. We therefore advise you to go out at night as well. Don’t worry about transportation; you can reach here by train from Darmstadt in about twenty minutes. You may also explore Frankfurt’s best tourist attractions to make the most of your trip there.

The cuisine and culture of Darmstadt, Germany

Due to its prominence in several disciplines, including science, literature, and the arts, Darmstadt is regarded as an extremely sophisticated city. It also boasts sizable pharmaceutical, mechanical, and chemical businesses. Similar to this, one could argue that Darmstadt’s soul is best expressed by fusing its modern building style with its forest-filled surroundings. Next, we include some of the most important cultural landmarks in the town:

  • The Langer Ludwig statue is located atop a stone column in Darmstadt’s main square, Luisenplatz.
  • Old Town and Marketplatz, also called Market Square.
  • Frankenstein Castle is located on a hill on the outskirts of the city.
  • The Waldspirale residential complex is well known for rejecting angular designs, as evidenced by its distinctive window shapes.
  • Darmstadt may be seen from the top of Mathildenhöhe hill.

Another important aspect of Darmstadt culture is its traditional cuisine. Among the most popular dishes are the “schnitzel,” which is a breaded beef fillet served with chips, the “bretzel,” which is a kind of bread in the shape of a bow, and the beer.

Benefits of attending Darmstadt University

  • You can travel to destinations like Frankfurt, Heidelberg, or Mainz with ease thanks to its position.
  • A degree in engineering from the Technical University of Darmstadt is highly regarded.
  • Darmstadt is a large, friendly city with lots of amenities.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to learn a new language, such as German, and familiarise yourself with German customs and cuisine.

How much does accommodation cost in Darmstadt for students?

The type and location of the house may affect how much accommodation costs. Due to the ageing housing stock of Darmstadt, finding a place to live might be difficult. Because of this, most students usually pay a monthly charge ranging from €450 to €350 to rent a spare room in a shared flat.

Which are the best neighbourhoods in Darmstadt to live in?

Students claim that the best areas to reside are in the city centre and the districts surrounding the university, such as Martinsviertel, Verlegerviertel, or Darmstadt-West.

Can international students work in Germany while pursuing their studies?

A foreign student enrolled full-time in a German university is permitted to work up to 120 days per year without needing approval from the labour authorities.

Note that international students are not permitted to work for themselves or as independent contractors after 120 days of study.

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