What are some of the best properties in Barcelona for students?

When considering where to study abroad, students are still drawn to Barcelona. Every year, thousands of students seeking higher education go to this energetic European metropolis from all over the world. While some are drawn to the city’s atmosphere and top-notch universities, others are curious to learn more about Spanish cuisine, culture, and way of life.

Student Housing in Barcelona

It can be quite difficult to find decent and reasonably priced student housing in Barcelona. Booking something that will significantly affect what is likely the most important period of your life from a distance is unsettling. Not only is there uncertainty, but there is also fear. However, you’ll be right if you book one from a leading student housing provider in Barcelona. 

Using an agency is one approach to locating lodging. You should budget an additional one to two months’ rent for agency costs if you choose to work with an agency to assist you find housing. When looking for a new home in Barcelona, this may be the costliest option, but it’s also the safest.

Some of the best properties in Barcelona for students


Modern and comfortable living is provided by the Poblenou flats, which are tucked away in a lively neighborhood of Barcelona. Students who commute from Pompeu Fabra University can commute between campus and home with great convenience thanks to its ideal location. Residents may easily enjoy Barcelona’s sunny beaches and vibrant urban life because the city is conveniently located between the beach and public transportation. To guarantee a convenient and comfortable stay, the apartments are furnished with high-end conveniences and modern style. Choosing Poblenou is choosing to live in a unique urban environment while fully embracing this creative hub.

Blau Student Housing

A variety of room options are available in Barcelona’s Blau Student Housing. This centrally located, LEED-certified student utopia is just a short drive from Universitat de Barcelona, Pompeu Fabra University, and the EADA Business School. You will discover that this is among the most opulent and well-equipped Student Accommodation Barcelona. It is a luxury lodging with first-rate amenities and special services.

There is a wide variety of accommodation types available, such as loft apartments, all-inclusive studio apartments, individual rooms inside communal apartments, shared studio rooms, and even premium alternatives with an attached patio. The lodging, which is run entirely on renewable solar energy, also features a garage, digital room keys, and round-the-clock security.

Best Student Accommodation in Barcelona


Pedralbes is a student housing complex located in Barcelona that offers accommodations to students in proximity to their universities. Students can select from a variety of flats on the property that are situated in a peaceful location based on their individual needs and preferences. A sizable bed, a TV, a desk, a chair, power outlets, lightning-fast WiFi, a shower, and a fully functional kitchenette will all be included in your accommodation.

To make students feel at home and comfortable, this student housing in Barcelona offers a wide selection of facilities and services. Students here will enjoy all-inclusive utility bills and have access to high-speed Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, study areas, dining rooms, movie theatres, rooftop grill areas, outdoor swimming pools, and gyms.

Còrsega 207

You may fully immerse yourself in the university experience here. Surrounded by universities and with an unmatched student feel, the location is excellent. With their sleek modern style and abundance of amenities, the flats are the epitome of luxury living. The opportunity to meet people from all over the world is the cherry on top, though. You can build enduring friendships across international borders. Living here will make your university experience even more epic because it’s your moment of independence, and you’re going to have a blast at Càrsega 207. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled experience!

Everything you need for an authentic experience is provided in these rooms. Isn’t the main thing to feel comfortable? It is, of course!


In Barcelona, Collblanc is a sleek and cozy housing option for students. The property is close to FC Barcelona’s home stadium, Camp Nou, and provides a variety of studios and shared apartments. Additionally, the accommodations are just a short drive from the University of Barcelona and the UIC Barcelona International University of Catalonia, both of which are 17 minutes distant by car.

To make the lives of the students easier, the property offers free high-speed WiFi, CCTV surveillance, bicycle parking, round-the-clock reception, parking with charging stations, and weekly cleaning services. Collblanc also boasts some fantastic common areas, like an outdoor exercise room and a TV-equipped sitting area for lounging with friends.

Diagonal Besos

Diagonal Besos provides outstanding living accommodations that are customized to meet the demands of students. A short drive away, the esteemed University of Barcelona offers residents endless academic opportunities. Prestigious Pompeu Fabra University, which offers a seamless fusion of proximity and high-quality education, is also nearby. With a wide variety of studio spaces, this lodging goes above and beyond the typical, offering not just a place to rest but also a lively community for personal and academic development.

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