Want to Buy a Waterproof Phone ? let’s know About Water Proof Device

Waterproof Phone

The latest generation of new generation smartphones is that these phones can soak in the rain, take pictures inside the swimming pool, and sometimes you do not have to worry about water. Speaking of waterproof dish but we understand these benefits. But how real is that we understand? The truth is, these divisions are not waterproof – they are water resistant! And that’s exactly what makes things different, which we need to know. Friends, in today’s article I will discuss the difference between waterproof and water-registrant. If you have a water-registrar, but you need to take some precautions? And there will be more important information about this bonus as well. So let’s get started

Water Proof VS Water Resistant

Waterproof deprivation means that the water in which the water can not enter, where the water is the means of the regiment, it will enter the water several times, but still, it will be protected to some level. No divisive company is capable of producing waterproof dishes, their devices are water-registrations. Although it is a delicate matter it comes in a serious difference. Yes, your phone may have the ability to wet the rainwater, but you can not go to dive into the deep sea with it. Yes, your smartwatch may be able to show you the time underwater, but you can not press any button below the water – pressing the button will open its mouth and its water will enter the water.

IP ratings are used for the phone

There is no standard test for wired devices, but for smartphones, there are water-resistant standard tests. And the test is ” IEC .” And this standard test method is called International Protection or IP. IP rating is usually done in two-digit codes. For example, the Galaxy S7 rating is IP68. The first digit of these two digits indicates the dust protection. Where 6 is the highest rating (most smartphones of today are able to achieve this). And the second digit indicates water protection, where 9 is the highest rating (but most phones have 7,8 ratings).


Waterproof device’s limitations

Certainly, the fact is very well known now that “waterproof” is actually “water-resistant”. So let’s know about some restrictions on the waterproof technology as per the requirement. Are you thinking about taking your phone to the bottom of the ocean? Yes! But should you do it? No, not at all! Friends, every Water Rectified IP test is done by Freshwater but not in seawater. Salt dissipated with seawater can cause severe damage to your phone. So, if you have a waterproof phone – but it is better to keep away from the seawater. By mistake, if the phone goes to seawater, it should be immediately washed with clean water.
smartphone-2315980_960_720.jpgWaterproof but not a feature! Friends, know very well that phone proof of water means it is a protection against water but it is not a feature. You may have seen a waterproof phone and that everyone is taking photos together under the water. But how wide is it possible? Under the water, the phone’s touchscreen will never work well. As a result, you can not understand the phone where you are touching. Phone proof of water is just a measure of protection, this is not a new feature. So turn off the phone every time the phone is wet, remove the battery, if possible, clean the phone with a dry cloth, and turn on the phone.


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