Top 10 Spa Resorts in Wayanad

Wayanad is a wildlife-rich, tranquil haven surrounded by tropical rainforests. For city people who wish to get away from the insane crowds and never-ending traffic, it’s also the perfect weekend retreat. This little slice of bliss in Kerala is charming because it offers something for everyone. There are several resorts in Wayanad where you may have an ayurvedic spa treatment while having a pleasant stay. The following are some of the best spa resorts in Wayanad.

1. The Woods Resorts

At the renowned spa resort in Wayanad, you may relax in the company of nature and indulge in blissful health treatments. The Woods Resorts, tucked away in a verdant woodland, provides a peaceful stay complete with a well-equipped spa. You may enjoy ayurvedic massages, soothing therapies, and spa treatments at The Woods spa while taking in the stunning scenery of Wayanad. A stay at The Woods Resorts will eliminate stress and give you a sense of tranquillity that comes from the grandeur of the woods. Their staff provides unrivalled hospitality to ensure that your days will always be special. Reminiscing about the times spent at The Woods will always make your heart feel warm and fuzzy.

2. Vythiri Resort

A magnificent luxury resort in Wayanad, Vythiri Village offers beautiful views of the Wayanad Hills. The resort provides visitors with an authentic village experience, making their stay unique and pleasurable. It is a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to soak up the heavenly evergreen ambiance. The Vythiri Spa, run by a wellness centre, heals the body and the soul by fusing the best Ayurvedic traditions with contemporary rejuvenation methods and aromatherapy. The spa’s menu offers a variety of traditional and contemporary spa services, such as massages, facials, wraps, scrubs, baths, manicures and pedicures, toning, and firming. In addition, the spa provides workout plans and a selection of environmentally friendly spa products in its store.

3. Raindrops Resorts

Raindrops is one of Wayanad’s best ayurvedic resorts, authentically adhering to the over 500-year-old ayurveda traditions. They blend contemporary holistic luxury with traditional Kerala ayurvedic treatments. Their Wayanad ayurveda spa is well-known throughout Kerala since they employ skilled specialists with a wealth of practical ayurvedic experience. They provide you the opportunity to have the trip of a lifetime while revitalising your body and soul. You will immerse yourself in the wonderfully aromatic, enlightening, and opulent sensation of Ayurvedic body massage.

4. Vistara Resorts

One of Wayanad’s best lakeview resorts, Vistara by the Lake is tucked away peacefully on the beaches of Karapuzha Lake. Situated near Ambalavayal hamlet and only a leisurely stroll from Wayanad’s ancient Edakkal Caves, this Lakeview resort in Wayanad provides guests with a unique and captivating experience. You can enjoy the profound healing benefits of Ayurveda in the peaceful serenity of nature at Vistara Spa Resorts in Wayanad. Their spa resort offers a comprehensive approach to well-being by embracing the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda. At Vistara Spa Resorts, you may rediscover the ideal balance of your body, mind, and soul while immersing yourself in the tranquillity of Wayanad.

5. Klov Resort

Klov resort, tucked away in the centre of Thirunelli, is more than simply a place to go; it’s an invitation to get away from the chaos and restore your relationship with the natural world. You may immerse yourself in a peaceful sanctuary amidst the unspoiled splendour of the jungle at this spa resort, where you can enjoy holistic therapies and calming massages. At this spa resort, where experienced therapists provide a variety of treatments to revitalise your mind and body, you may also feel rejuvenation and peace.

6. Blue Ginger Resorts

Blue Ginger Spa is a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, offering luxurious accommodations, cottages, an infinity pool, a relaxing spa, and lots of outdoor activities. The natural pool and waterfall on the resort grounds are the main attractions.

7. Banasura Hill Resorts

Banasura Hill Resort is situated in Wayanad, strewn across 35 acres of lush land, nestled at a height of 3500 feet above sea level. Built with mud that was excavated from the very location it stands on, it has a distinctive rustic appearance and provides the utmost in comfort and elegance. At Banasur Ayur Spa, you can take advantage of the comprehensive ayurveda treatment programme that improves life expectancy and restores physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. You can have a rejuvenating, calming experience at Banasur Ayur Spa to clear your mind, body, and emotions every day.

8. The Windflower Resorts

Discover Wayanad’s picture-perfect beauty and the captivating views of the Chembra peak from The Windflower Vythiri, which is perched atop a hill station with plantations growing tea, coffee, rubber, pepper, and cardamom along the foothills and serene subtropical rainforests in the upper districts of Wayanad. With over 20 distinct therapeutic healing and massage therapies to choose from, The Windflower combines the best of Balinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions, so that you can take advantage of a restorative spa treatment.

9. Jungle Bay Resorts

This charming Wayanad resort is tucked away in the forest near Irulam. Take a picturesque drive to reach Jungle Bay Resorts and Spa, which is situated amid the Chethalayam nature range. This place transports you to a dreamlike world with the scent of fresh vegetables and the sound of rustling bamboo. One of the best Ayurvedic spas in the area is located in Jungle Bay. Its interiors are elegantly decorated and include two therapy rooms. They have doctors on call and full-time therapists.

10. Contour Island Resort and Spa

With accommodations and cottages overlooking the enchanted Banasura Sagar lake and the islands, Contour Island Resort & Spa is tucked away deep in the verdant Banasura hills of Wayanad. The scenery is like something out of a dream. At the Ayurveda spa, you can become a new you by revitalising your mind, body, and spirit.


Wayanad is a remarkable chance to fully appreciate the splendour of the natural world. However, choosing the best nature and spa resort is typically the deciding factor in how well your trip to Wayanad goes. Finding the ideal resort in Wayanad is more than just booking a room; it’s a deliberate choice that will impact your entire trip.

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