Learn the proper rules for using surgical masks

The incidence of coronavirus is increasing day by day. We all know that the virus is not immune. But we can prevent the virus. However, scientists are trying to prevent it. There is nothing impossible for science. [If the creator wants]. But we can prevent this virus if we want. So we should use masks when we get out of the room. Doctors said the mask could be used by adults as well as younger ones. However, it is important to know the correct rules of use.

The correct rule of using surgical masks:

  • It is the best use a surgical mask, which is used one time. They has one layer. However, a layer mask is also available in the market, they are not suitable to use.
  • Surgical masks has two sides. The front is light blue and the backside is white. The white part is the filter, which does not Cross the germs. Those who are healthy and want to prevent the virus or germs should wear the mask with the white part facing outwards. Because by filtering through the white part, the air will enter the lungs. The blue part will be inside the mouth. But most people put the white part inside the mouth.
  • However, when someone is suffering from cold, fever, sneezing, cough or any other disease, they should wear the mask with the blue part facing outwards. This will prevent anything harmful going out of his mouth and no one else will be easily attacked.
  • Many people wear masks and cover their mouths only but their nose open. That’s not right. Rather, the upper part of the metal should be covered By pressing the nose and the lower part below the muzzle.
  • Many people open the mask up to talk. That’s not right either. The germs contained in it are easily spread to the body.
  • Keeping the same mask in the room should not be used for long. The rule is that a mask should be used a maximum of one day then It should be destroyed.


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