Smartphone charging tips in the right rules

Smartphone charging does not have to be the right rule. If you charge smartphones in the right rule then your smartphone battery will be much better. So let’s know the tricks.

  • Always try to charge the phone with the charger provided with the phone. No micro USB charging should be charged.
  • Avoid use of cheap Chinese chargers in the market by the name unknown or by one word.
  • Try charging open the phone’s protective case while charging.
  • Fast charging is not always good. Due to the additional voltage, the device temperature may increase due to phone damage.
  • Avoid phone charges for overnight.
  • It is best not to use third party battery apps.
  • Phone is always good to charge 80 percent. It is better not to charge 100 percent.
  • Phone from Power Bank should not be used while charging on phone.


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