Optical Fiber | How Optical Fiber carry digital data?

What is fiber optic or optical fiber?

We can do many types of work by utilizing the idea that information can flow through different types. When we talk in the telephone, we get the sound from our voices through the wall socket of our house and connect it to another’s telephone cable and the conversation is done through the local telephone exchange. Cell phones but again work in a completely different way: they use an invisible radio wave to transmit information – and this technology is called wireless technology because there is no one in it. Fiber optic or optical fiber works in another way. This information is converted into a code by lightning thrown through a glass or plastic pipe. This was the first time it was used to improve the endoscope. The endoscope is a medical device that helps doctors to see everything inside the body or not.


Optical technology

Fiber optic or optical fiber cable is made up of extremely plastic which is known optical fiber. In a cable, there are more than ten times more thin fibers than the hair of the human head, the amount of this fiber may range from several hundred to hundreds. One fiber is able to carry 25,000 telephone calls at one go and a full cable can carry several million calls at a time.Fiber Optic Cable can fully transmit information between two areas using optical technology. So now your computer has to be connected to a laser, which will make the computer’s electrical data a serial light pulse. Now you have to place the laser beam fiber optic cable. Your thrown light beam will reach from one end of the cable to the other end, that means it will reach your friend.


How does optical fiber work?

You might think that if the light shakes with a glass, the light will be blocked in the shock area. But if the light shakes with a glass (less than 42 degrees) in a shallow angle, it starts reflecting in another way. Like a mirror that gives a flashlight to a mirror, it reflects that lightness and comes back to you again and by controlling the torch you can also control the reflected light bulb. However, this whole subject is called total internal reflection in science. And because of this religion, the light is reflected in the pipe itself.But there is another thing, which helps to keep the light in the cable, and that is the structure of the cable. The cable has two different parts. One is the center of the cable, in which the light goes through it is called the core. Again, there is another glass covering the outside of this coat called cladding. Claudine can do his job very well because it is made up of a separate glass.


Last word

Hopefully, we know very important information about fiber optic or optical fiber. Know how it is possible to carry computer data through light.


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