Is Your Computer Slow? Easy Ways To Make It Run Faster

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Is your PC slow working? Maybe you are using different optimized software – or trying to find all the common solutions, but still, there is no work? Then friends need to upgrade some of your computer hardware. But just upgrade any hardware? How and where do you start? By upgrading you can get the desired performance back? Which of the running will only waste your time?


In fact, upgrading the RAM is possible to improve the performance of almost all PCs-especially if your PC works slow. Especially programs that always love to eat a lot of RAM, such as your video editing software or gaming, so in this case having more RAM means better performance. Even for normal use, more RAM always helps to keep more background apps running. The more RAM you have on your PC, it means that more than the browser tab open can work.


Graphics card

If you are a serious gamer, then you need to upgrade your graphics card first. But if you are not a serious gamer or if you do not do 3D rendering or rendering a video, then upgrading graphics cards will not have any special effect for you. PC makers often engage with graphics cards, often to reduce the cost of the PC. Therefore, it is better to have a dedicated GPU, not dependent on the default GPU for better performance.


Data drive

Basically, you need to upgrade your hard drive for two reasons – firstly, if you have more space required and secondly you want to get faster performance. Even after deleting all unnecessary files from your hard drive, if you are still suffering from space constraints, the time has come for friends to have a new and big capacitive hard drive. Not only the new hard drive will help save more data! Rather it will be influenced by good performance.Combination of hybrid drives will give you more space if you do not want to compromise with the drive size, and secondly will provide fast speeds. Hybrid drives mean solid-state drive and hard drive together on your PC. You can use Solid State Drive to run the program and run the operating system, which will transmit data quickly and keep the files stored on the hard drive.



Upgrading your PC processor, but the most difficult technical work. It is difficult to setup this processor upgrades to upgrade your most expensive system for your system. Moreover, whether the new processor will work properly with your current system, that too is a big question mark. Of course, you have to think about supporting your current system with the new processor. In fact, it is not possible to upgrade the processor but always perform better performance.And if you really need to upgrade the processor then, in my opinion, it would be better to build a whole new system at a lower price. I will try another tune to tell you how to build a good PC using low-cost hardware, give you a very good performance.



Using updated software but it is a really good decision-even though this statement is not always useful. Most of the software is their version formulas. Simple.Comments are kept in this format. If there is a software version 0.0.1, then you have to understand that some bugs have been fixed in the software. If there is a software update version 0.1.0, it should understand that the software has some performance optimizations and some new features may have been added.


Some more upgrades to slow the PC slow

If you are a professional photographer and have a need for photoshop or lightroom, it is very important for you to buy a good quality monitor. I will try to describe a better monitor in another tune. If you are a gamer or programmer then you will definitely need to use dual monitors. Besides, if you are a blogger like me or write a lot then you can upgrade a good quality keyboard.


Last word

Upgrading RAM, SSD, and graphics card are the real PC upgrade – you can see performance improvements instantly. But do not expect miracles after upgrading the system. And if the system is too old then build a new system will be the best choice


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