Is that possible to Extend Android Phone RAM ?? Let’s know

Android Phone RAM

Is it possible to Extend Android Phone RAM ?? Let’s know

lot of people have a common question, how is it possible to extend our Android phone RAM? Many say that how to teach brother Ram how to grow. So there is no reason to worry, I am going to discuss this topic today. Take a little more knowledge about the storage before breaking the headline of your friends.

About the storage


RAM is a very fast speed complete memory on your mobile or computer or any device that has RAM. The speed of fast speeds means that the RAM read and write speed is much more. This means that as quickly as possible to send data to a RAM and to be removed from the RAM, it is never possible to do a normal memory card or a phone’s internal storage.

Increasing the RAM of the phone is never possible


Now there are some people who always say, “I will raise my phone’s RAM, I have 2 GB RAM on my phone and I have made 4 GB”. Yes, they are. It is very easy to do. First of all, you need to root your phone.
After the root, there are apps that have an app called RAM Expander that can increase your RAM.


What these apps do, they use some parts of your phone’s memory card for RAM. Or take part of your phone’s internal storage as a RAM.
To say that the memory card will be used as a RAM, RAM will increase, but in this process, your system will be downgraded more and more. Because the phone has two types of RAM at the same time, the phone will not be able to adjust its read and write speed.


Last word

Please refrain from raising the phone’s RAM by doing these counterparts. If your phone’s RAM is too low, then sell it and buy a new phone. Or use fewer apps on the phone. Try to keep the phone clean. You will see that your phone gives you better performance. Hopefully, today’s post will be of great help.


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