Top free website to learn coding 2021 how to learn programming languages

Top free website to learn coding 2021

All you need is the desire and dedication. So if you want to learn the programming languages skills needed to create computer software, mobile apps or build your own website for free, you’re in luck. Coming up, I’ll show you 10 of the best websites for beginners to learn how to code online for free. To help get you started, I’ll show you the free online course I feel is essential for anyone wanting to learn how to code. Let’s get to it.

sololearn free website to learn coding 2021
    First up in no particular order is sololearn. Founded in 2014, it’s well organized and user friendly for absolute beginners to learn coding. They now offer tutorials for more than 15 programming languages and disciplines, including Python, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and many others. Their code playground is a great place to share code you’ve been working on and to collaborate with others. And if you ever need help, you can easily get answers from their community. In addition to learning from the web, you can also learn on the go with apps available for both iOS and Android.
General Assembly is dash website to learn coding 2021

2.General Assembly DASH:

Next up from the folks over at General Assembly is dash. focused on web development, you’ll learn the basics to create a modern looking website through a series of projects using html5, CSS three and JavaScript. There’s a total of five projects to complete. Those include build a personal website, build a responsive blog theme, build a small business website, build a CSS robot and build a Mad Libs game. With any project you’ll have slides in the upper left to click through with the code editor below that, and the output appearing on the right.

The odin project

3.The Odin project:

The odin project is another site focused on web development, which is absolutely fantastic for those of you just starting out. If you’re the type that learns better by doing this set of courses is full of projects in a logical order, beginning with simple scripts all the way up to building fully functional websites. while completing the courses, you’ll learn about HTML and CSS, JavaScript get Ruby, Ruby on Rails and databases. The Odin project is completely open source with more than 1500 contributors working to improve the site.



Exercism is a website I just started using recently to learn a new language. Like the Odin project through open source, they offer code practice, and unlike most other sites offers mentorship free of charge. They now have more than 50 different language tracks and over 3000 exercises on their site. How it works is that you first choose the language you’d like to master complete a coding challenge, review the solution with your mentor, unlock new exercises, and then at the very end, you’ll complete the language track with an understanding of the fundamental concepts. After selecting your language track on exorcism, you’ll get a description of that track along with the number of mentors available to help you out.



Udemy is an online learning platform most of you are probably familiar with. If you want to learn a new skill that 1000s of courses in many categories. Well, it’s primarily known for its paid courses. You can also find a ton of free programming languages courses as well. But finding the free stuff isn’t easy. Find the free courses, you could do a search here at the top to the language or go to categories here in the upper left, and in the development category, go to the sub category of interest to you.

In this example, I’ll go to programming languages and select Python. You’ll now see a bunch of paid courses for that programming language. Scroll down the page until you see the filters on the left. And there they are, go to price and check the free option. With 226 courses in this example, you should have no trouble finding a course to take. It looks like based on the reviews that introduction to Python programming is an excellent course for beginners.

free code camp


FreeCodeCamp is a completely free nonprofit whose goal is to make learning web development accessible to anyone through various challenges. You’ll learn several skills which include JavaScript, html5, CSS, three and many others. The lessons are laid out nicely, but the instructions on the left the code editor in the middle and the output to the right there community forum at Free Code Camp is one of the best. This is where you can get help from other developers but any of your coding issues.

  1. Upskills:

Upskills aside I told you about a few years ago and since then has expanded quite a bit. The courses are designed to take you from an absolute beginner to advanced web developer, you’ll learn new skills and techniques including html5, CSS, three, Ruby, JavaScript, and many others. All logos are taught in an engaging manner which will keep you entertained. As their popularity continues to grow new content is being added on a regular basis. The basic courses teaching you the core principles are 100% free, their intermediate to advanced courses require a pro membership of $19 per month, which is well worth the cost.

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  1. CodeAcademy:

If you want to learn how to code for free, the last site you should ever consider is CodeAcademy. Unless you’re the type of person that enjoys paywalls. In case you’re confused, yes, I am trolling them. They claim to have invented the best system for learning to code. In my opinion, that’s not true. While they do teach you the basic methods and how to write code, they fail miserably in showing you how to implement what you’ve learned. You want to give them a try and waste your time. They do have so called tutorials for most of the popular languages, but why bother?

At one time Code Academy was completely free and boasted how they were supported by the top tech executives. Now they just offered the absolute bare minimum lessons for free. Otherwise, they have monthly plans that start at around $40 per month that gives you unlimited access.


9.MDN web docs:

MDN web docs previously known as Mozilla Developer Network is a fantastic resource for web developers. In addition to Mozilla, Microsoft, Google and Samsung also contribute their documentation to the site, you’ll find a massive amount of learning materials for beginners. On this site, you’ll learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web API’s, node.js, web extensions, website hosting and a whole lot more. We’ll begin with their guide getting started with the web and finish up with deploying to production that will give you all the information you need to get website published.

EDX Created by MIT and Harvard


EDX Created by MIT and Harvard, edX is an online higher education platform with more than 160 universities offering courses. What’s great about edX is that all the courses are free, but there is a fee if you need a verified certificate. This is becoming less likely these days that you’ll need one. And here’s why. As you may have heard, many of the top companies are no longer requiring a degree or certification to get hired.

All you may need are the necessary skills. In case you didn’t know Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Ellison, the co founder of Oracle are all college dropouts. As promised in the intro to this video, Harvard cs 50. Introduction to computer science is an essential course I feel everyone should take before learning to code. This entry level course will teach you the core concepts that you need to know and get you familiar with the number of programming languages.


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