How many plugins should be used on WordPress site?

We often hear the question “Exactly how many plugins are suitable for use on the WordPress site?” It’s not that simple, but, depending on how many plugins you are using, which plugins you are using, after the effect on the performance of the WordPress site. It would be wrong to say just performance, site speed, security, everything depends on the plugin. This post is especially for non-technical users, who do not have much technical knowledge but want to know exactly how many plugins are best for WordPress sites. I will discuss in detail. How any plugin can affect your website. How many plugins can be perfect for your WordPress site? So let’s get started

WordPress plugin

Before we get into the details, let us know how the plugin works in WordPress. Well, the plugin is like the app on your phone. I mean, functions that aren’t on your phone by default can be easily enabled on the phone by installing apps, right? WordPress plugins work exactly the same. Your WordPress does not have the Drug and Drop Builder feature, it can be easily enabled on the site using the WordPress plugin. You can easily enable the store feature on the WordPress site by installing the E-Commerce plugin.

Plugins like WordPress are also written in PHP programming language. If you have more apps installed on the phone, such as the CPU, RAM, and storage of the phone will cost more, so in the case of WordPress. Because plugins behave like full apps and create many processes on the server to work on their own. This is why you should always seek the services of a good hosting company, they understand the requirements of your WordPress site and suggest you the best plan so that your WordPress site can run smoothly. Hopefully, even if you are a non-tech user, you understand what plugins do in WordPress, don’t you? That’s all for this post, let’s discuss why the WordPress plugin is important.

Requirements for plugins in WordPress

one thing is for sure, WordPress has gained so much popularity today for having this huge plugin library. New plugins are being added for WordPress day by day. The huge amount of plugins is free, but there are also many paid plugins. At the time of writing this article is officially entitled to 55,000+ free WordPress plugins. Using the plugin, it is possible to add new functions to the site, which anyone in particular can do, just like downloading apps from Playstore to the phone. WordPress plugins play a vital role in making it easy for users to set up control, better SEO, contact forms, online stores, everything. In a word, growing your WordPress site without the WordPress plugin can turn into a lot of broken teeth. A WordPress site without plugins is like a toy store without toys, meaning no fun!

Problems with more plugins

plugins does not mean that the site will be slow or performance will be bad. Quantity doesn’t matter, but plugin quality matters. If you have 50 well-reputed plugins on your site, it will not be a problem, but there are 10 plugins in total. You can have more than a dozen plugins on your site, this will run the site without any problems, but a poorly coded plugin can do more damage. However, if there is a problem with your site, when you ask your hosting provider to support, they will always say that your site has more plugins, so there is a problem. There is also logic in their words. If you have 5 plugins on your site then it will be easier to troubleshoot the site than having 15 plugins. The more plugins you use, the harder the work of your developer or hosting support team will be.

For your extra knowledge, let me tell you, one of the established WordPress sites I know has 50+ plugins, but the site runs smoothly. Many people do not buy many plugins and just download them for free from online. Those plugins inject malicious code that can have a huge impact on your site’s performance, loading time, security, and so on.

How can plugins slow down WordPress sites?

According to the way WordPress plugins work, using more plugins means spending more resources from the server. But as long as the plugins are made following the standard rules of WordPress, there is not much of an issue in the performance. Different types of plugins work in different ways. Some plugins work on the front-end, but plugins work on the backend. For example, if you use a WordPress backup plugin, the plugin will create processes in the background and require more resources from the CPU. There are many plugins that just don’t load when doing certain tasks, otherwise they don’t work. Whether or not your site will be slow depends on when, where and how your plugins are loading. Many plugins always run in the background

they can impair site performance. But the contact form just loads on the specific page, in which case this plugin will not slow down anything on the site. However, using the caching system on the website can reduce the CPU load of the database server and the main server. Your site will always work slow without cache plugin.

How many plugins is best to use?

You see, it is important to use as many plugins as possible to complete or grow your website properly. It could be 10 o’clock and it could be 50+. According to our study, if you get services from a good hosting company and use the best plugins, then even after using 50+ plugins, the site will not have any problems at all.

As I said before, it doesn’t matter how many plugins you are using, it depends on the quality of the plugins. A business website has at least 20-30 plugins, and this is perfectly normal. And if you want to add advanced features to the site, 50+ plugins may be necessary.

How to choose the best plugins?

In particular, try to provide regular updates and install the most downloaded plugins. If you use premium plugins, be sure to check how good they are, how good their reputation is, and don’t forget to check user reviews.


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