How Does Computer Memory Work ? Let’s Know

How Does Computer Memory Work ? Let's Know

I often think, my memory (memory) would be like a computer! But people’s brains and computer memory are not necessarily a thing-they work completely differently and for different purposes. Where the memory of people remembers a name, remembering someone’s face, or struggling to remember today’s date, there is more complete perfection in computer memory every day. Friends, today’s question is, how is this amazing memory of Computer? And how do they work? So let’s know everything in detail.

What is the memory?

The basic purpose of any memory (whether it is human memory or computer memory) is to reserve any information for a specific time. The most interesting fact is that people’s memory is far more powerful than forgetting any information than to remember any information. And this is the worst part of our ghazal. If you are not careful about any issues, then no one else can save you from forgetting it. And for us to forget a simple matter, we have to keep an important issue with a lot of attention. Forget it means that a garbage filled with old garbage can be cleaned and ready to be filled up again.Computer never remembers something like that or forgets, just as humans do. Computer binary works on; Whether they know something or not, once the computer learns something, it never forgets without any catastrophic crash. But we humans are a little different. We know something (“I think you saw it somewhere before”) or we think we know it (“I learned the first Hindi word” pair ” when I used to go to school”) and besides what we need to combine any information We can


Internal memory-RAM and ROM

Computer Internal Memory Chips are mainly of two types, known as a RAM (Random Access Memory) and another ROM (Read Only Memory). RAM chips can keep an eye on any information, as long as the computer has power on it, so they store data on the short term. On the other hand, ROM chips can still keep data, when the computer does not remain on. When preparing Ram in the factory, it is pre-programmed and information is kept in it before, only after that, the information is rearranged and converted to new information.So, what did you understand? There are two types of memory chips installed on the computer. One can remember information temporarily, that is, as long as the computer is on it, it is RAM – it is RAM. And another permanent can remember any information, even if the computer is off-that is the ROM.


How Computer Memory Conserves Binary Information

Computer memory- Keeps photos, videos, music or any computer information as numbers or numbers. And this is why computers are called “digital computers”. We humans like to work using decimal numbers (10 numbers from 0 to 9). But the computer works entirely by using a different number system, and it is called binary number. There are only two numbers in the binary, zero (0) and one (1). In order to write a decimal, there are several numbers needed in binary. Binary digits are called bits – that is, a zero or one is a bit. Together with eight bits, one byte is called.We like to use decimal numbers for people, we have 10 fingers. But the computer does not have 10 fingers. Instead of fingers, the computer memory is in the dictator electronic switch, which is transistorbar. Transistors can store a binary number when the electric current is flowing through it. On switching any transistor, it stores (1) number and saves the number (0) when it is off.external-hard-drive-1200035_960_720.jpg

Last word

So this was the secret of computer memory and its amazing memories. Hopefully, I have been able to put this whole thing in front of you, and today’s post was a collection of information.


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