How Does a Phone Work? Let’s Explore

mobile phones work

Walking around and talking, working to talk, always talking about each other, and never going out of reach – the cellphone has changed our lives and the way it works in a dramatic way. There are more than 7 billion cellphone subscriptions all over the world – more than the total population of the world. We call cell phones as cellular phones, mobile phones or mobile phones.

Using cellphone wireless technology

Although cellphones and landlines are used for the same purpose, their technology works but it is completely different. Landline carries your calls through an electric cable, and it shows up to another collar. It does not require any satellite or fiber optic cable. Well, do you remember the small box? Where a box with another box in the box will be filled with a thick wire – and on one side it will be heard on the other end. Full sound, reaching another matchbox through telegram wire. Landline is nothing more than a phone call, to tell the truth, it uses the same system as a toy phone. If you call from a phone, the call only directs to a phone connected to it.


How are cell phone calls complete ??

When you talk to a cell phone, a small microphone creates an electric signal pattern by creating a continuous sound. And these electrical signals are essentially processed in analog mode. But there is another microchip on your phone, which is basically called ADC (analog of the digital converter) – it converts electrical signals into digit (numbers). Now, this number is thrown through radio waves through small antenna phones (in some countries the antenna is called Arial-aerial). Now, at the speed of radio waves, if the nearby cell phone tower (tower) cannot reach, the radio wave enters the air.


we must move forward. We must use new technology.


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