Spotify responds to Apple: “every monopolist will suggest that he has done nothing wrong”

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Apple has a new open front, this time with Spotify. Last Wednesday he filed a public complaint with the European Commission outlining Apple’s App Store policies. According to them, an unfair advantage over other competitors in the music industry. Everything revolves around the 30% commission (15% after one year of subscription) that Apple takes from the developers.


Apple was quick to respond to this complaint from Spotify, on Friday morning they published an official response. In it they allege that they have always tried to provide opportunities to all developers thanks to the huge distribution platform that is iOS and the iPhone and iPad around the world. On the other hand, they indicate that what Spotify wants is all the advantages of free apps being a paid service.


An expected answer for Spotify
The “answer to the answer” has arrived. In a statement to Variety, Spotify has responded to Apple’s official response. As indicated, it is the expected response of a company that carries out monopoly practices. In Spotify’s words:


Every monopolist will suggest that they have done nothing wrong and will argue that they have the best interest of their competitors and users at heart. Therefore, Apple’s response to our complaint to the European Commission is not new and fully in line with our expectations.


We have filed our complaint because Apple’s actions hurt competition and users and are clearly breaking the law. This is evident from the fact that Apple believes that Spotify users on iOS are Apple users and not Spotify users. We respect the process that the European Commission must now undertake to carry out the investigation


One or the other is right, it will be the European Commission who decides. Whether a company carries out monopoly practices or not depends on many factors and each of the actions it takes is interpreted in different ways depending on who sees it.


Apple has always been restrictive when it comes to allowing third parties to access the system, its App Store, its ecosystem and ultimately its users. The Spotify thing is really nothing new, beyond the fact that it is a great company putting it in writing and officially before a regulator. As Spotify points out, we must wait for the European Commission to carry out its investigation.


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