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First let’s discuss, what is a gig?

What is Gig:

Gig is the name of a type of service. This means that the work that you will be working on in Fiverr is called gig when you leave it in Fiverr Marketplace in the form of a post.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For example, if you mention the time in your gig, if you say that I will complete the work within 5 days, then you have to Finished the work before 5 days. In addition, if there is any mistake in your work, it must be corrected within those 5 days.

For that, if you complete the work in 4 days, knock the client and show the work sample, the client will tell you whether your work is right or not. If there is a problem with your work, your buyer will let you know. And you have to act accordingly. As a result, you will not have to face any more problems in delivering your work and you will get your remuneration properly. Some of us cannot make gigs in the right way or in a good way. Let’s find out how we can make a gig.

How do I make a gig?

There are a few things we need to keep in mind when creating a gig. In fact, many of us know that title is the core of the gig. And it is also very important to a buyer. Because if you don’t use a title, the buyer won’t find your gig. And you have to use a title so that the visitor sees your gig by looking at the title. If I talk about the next thing, I will say that you will make gigs with your best 8-10 designs. In this case, you have to learn to make good quality gigs. That’s why you can look at the profile of a good designer.

After that, You will refrain from any things while making gigs:

The font of your writing cannot be capital letters. This means that if you want to write Graphics Design, then you have to write graphics design. Because there are some people who do not use capital letters in Fiverr search engines.

This is something you must keep in mind. If you make this mistake your gig view will be reduced. Then You will refrain copy-paste. Don’t you understand? In fact, I mean you shouldn’t copy someone else’s gig. Doing so will cause the Fiverr Authority to destroy or block your Fiverr account. So you must refrain from it. You will add a picture for your gig. That image must be related to your gig. One thing to keep in mind when adding images is that you have the image edited by you. And try to keep your image size between 682 pixels wide x 459 pixels high (minimum). You must be careful about the background of the image when editing the image. When editing, you need to make sure that the background of your photo is light in color.

Now let’s see how you can increase your gig reviews:

If you continue in the way that I have been talking then your gig reviews will increase by this time. But if you give a good portfolio to your account then your gig and your account rating will increase both.

Increase the chances of gig sell:

If you add a video to your gig then your gig likely to be sell. But the video should be like 40-50 minutes. In this case, the video is good for you and the video must be in English. And the languages ​​used in the video must be clear.

Now let’s see where to make a gig:

To make a gig you need to have a Fiverr account. how to create a gig through a flowchart. Create a new gig Gig title (title is important because the buyer will be interested in your gig just by looking at the title .) Category (You have to select which category your gig goes to.) Gig gallery description Duration Tags (Your gig relationship should be written neatly in a few words, write in correct English.) Instruction for buyer You will complete these step by step and save.


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