Facebook is going to know everything!

Facebook is going to know everything

Talked about food and all with a friend on Facebook Messenger. After a while the ad of mixed nuts in the news feed appears .Then you have to scroll through all the tempting offers of one food delivery company after another. Technology should not give you time to think like yourself. They know you better than you do!


How does Facebook know all this? They have strong artificial intelligence. This AI system ranges from your eating habits to your favorite clothes, restaurants, websites, hobbies. Knowing everything. Google and all its apps do the same.


Data collection started after opening the ID on Facebook. Facebook stores information about which ads we click on, what kind of events we are invited to, who is on our friends list, who wrote what in the inbox, who we follow, what we talk about most in Messenger.


Tracking continues even if the GPS system is off. GPS is used for a variety of purposes, including location, advertising, data, news feeds and safety checks, according to Facebook, once responding to a letter from U.S. Senators Josh Howley and Christopher A. Kuns. Josh Howley later leaked a copy of the letter on Twitter.


The South Korean government also fined Facebook 6.1 million a few days ago. It was alleged that Facebook had handed over the data of 3.3 million citizens of the country to a third party for ‘analysis’.


Google also always keeps an eye on what you are doing on the internet, what site you are visiting. Based on this, Google has created a customized search database for you with the help of ‘Predictive Analytics’. This means that if you search by typing something, Google will show you the search results the way it knows you. You may not get what you need.


However, in this tracking, Facebook is more than a stick. He also eavesdropped on audio conversations on Messenger. Messenger understands what we are saying or not and starts showing ads accordingly. In this work, Facebook also copies the SMS from our inbox. Through all these conversations and SMS, Facebook understands who is interested in what. The matter was made public about two and a half years ago.


In March 2018, Facebook said that they do it thinking of the benefit of the user. Next year, the international media will also report that Facebook analyzes the audio chats of your messenger in its own way. Later, however, similar allegations were made against many other AI assistants. Amazon’s Alex, Google Assistant, Apple also have a habit of keeping an eye on us.


For the time being, you can take the help of an option in the settings of Facebook to keep your personal information safe. There is ‘Your Facebook Information’. All our data can be viewed and downloaded by visiting this page.Here is the information given by category. For example, Facebook posts, comments, likes, etc. are given more information. We can keep this information ‘off’ if we want. Like Facebook, Google also has this information. If you go to Google’s settings and go to the Data and Personalization option, you will see various information. Your search, location history – all these data can be seen. All this can be stopped if you want.


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