10 emerging technologies that will change the world

emerging technologies

Today, we’re bringing you 10 emerging technologies that will change the world. Better stick around for number one to discover how Elon musk may have plans to transform us all into human robots sometime in the not so distant future.

we should investigate these 10 emerging technologies that will change the world.

Number 1, internet for everyone.

It’s crazy for us to imagine living in developed countries that have the internet that half of the world’s population is disconnected. Well, that’s all soon about to change. Google is trying to remedy this problem by using helium balloons to send internet signals to inaccessible areas. That’s even companies planning on launching a whole network of laptop sized mini satellites into low Earth orbits to deliver internet to most remote places of the world. We can expect the future of connection everywhere.

Number 2, alive building materials.

Can you believe that even the industrial infrastructure of cities and towns could soon face some innovation as well, scientists have developed a sort of living concrete that is capable of self healing. It’s not actually concrete, but it functions the same exact way. And plus, it’s a whole lot more environmentally friendly.

Not much is known about the logistics of it all. But it’s clear that building structures may be able to fix their own cracks and suck up harmful toxins from the air, and even glow on command. Making for some pretty amazing building light shows.

Oh, well. It can take decades for scientific breakthroughs to make their way to a job site. But the fact of the matter is that a new generation of materials is coming, and are making quite the buzz and construction.

Number 3, automation,

the biggest tech giants are turning to automation to better serve their audiences and reduce production costs. Whether it be automated warehouse workers to build cars, or even credit card companies using software to detect fraud, there really is no shortage of possibilities for automation, as anything can be automated.

The higher the degree of automation, the less intervention needs to be performed by humans to control the process. So what will work look like when everything is automated?

Well, it’s either the doomsday view where humans are rendered obsolete, or the realistic view where robots do all the bits of work, we don’t want to leaving us to lounge around in luxury. Either way, there’s no questioning our working days will experience a radical change.

Number 4, artificial intelligence.

This one that is both exciting and terrifying. And a popular topic for many movies where artificial intelligence grows even smarter than humans, and eventually takes over the world.

But there are some useful hopes for artificial intelligence, anywhere from automated takeout servers, automatic bars, and so much more.

It’s probably better to assume that artificial intelligence is headed in the direction of mundane things like that, as opposed to robot doctors and lawyers. That would be crazy and terrifying.

And then again, Saudi Arabia has recently given citizenship to the social humanoid robot, Sophia, she became the first ever robots to get citizenship any country in the world. So perhaps it’s not that crazy after all.

Number 5 digital wallets.

You’ve heard of cryptocurrencies, the digital form of money that has been increasingly popular

colorized with the dramatic explosion of Bitcoin, which is worth 10 – 1000 of dollars for just one coin. But what you haven’t heard is that soon enough, they can not only become a bigger part of our lives, but actually be the only form of payment available to us.

Maybe countries are hopping on the bandwagon of something called digital wallets, where their citizens live in a cashless society. Whether we like it or not, it’s only a matter of time where that is our only form of payments everywhere.

Number 6, fully autonomous vehicles.

Driving as a way of life that will definitely will not be going anywhere anytime soon. We all need to get from point A to point B. car brands like Tesla, GM and Volvo have all popularized the idea of cars driving themselves.

But as of now, it’s pretty limited to highways and every 10 second heads up attention from a real life driver. But that will all soon change as General Motors announced they plan on releasing a car that has no steering wheel or pedals soon.

This all brings us back to the idea of chauffeuring we all need a taxi or Uber from time to time. But soon, those will be driverless and will feel more like you’re on a train than a car through the streets.

Number 7, regenerative medicine.

Even though it sounds like some outlandish possibility, typically seen in vampire shows, regeneration is very much a true possibility that’s making its way to Western medicine. At some point, doctors are already making custom body parts. We know that and the way they do this magical procedure is they scrape cells off a body part and grow them into more cells in a petri dish. Eventually, the body part grows tough enough to be implanted inside of patients. Whether this sounds like a medical dream, or like some sort of Cyborg, hook type human, It’ll soon be a way of life at some point. One doctor has even successfully managed to grow a fresh human ear for transplantation on a mouse’s back.

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Number 8, mixed reality.

We’ve already experienced augmented reality in the form of gaming. This technology allows you to be transported to any setting you want, temporarily changing your visual reality, making your experiences all the more lifelike.

This technology is growing more and more popular with tech giants like Apple pouring millions of dollars into augmented and mixed reality hardware.

As far as the future, all rumors points will World War, visual and other central realities are made a part of your everyday life, anywhere from walls that turn into screens like those shown in the old Disney movies smart house, whether that freaks you out or not. It’s a very true possibility that it’s making its way into our lives soon.

Number 9, gene splicing.

The cure for debilitating and life threatening diseases such as cancer because one that is talked about very often. Now imagine a world where curing those diseases can be cured with a simple one time treatment. CRISPR cast nine nine clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats, is a sort of gene splicing technology that works to locate and remove or cut off mutated sections of our DNA. This technology has the possibilities of permanently eliminating types of genetic diseases from blood mines, allowing people with these defective genes to bear their own children without fear of passing along their own genetic disease.

Number 10. Voice assistance,

The little voice in our devices that helped us set an alarm or make a list of reminders has already been a part of our lives for some time now. These tiny men and women in our tech have become a dependable way of getting things done. But what if we told you it’s only going to get better? Think about it. In a few short years, the majority of American households are expected to have at least one form of voice assistance like Amazon Alexa or Apple home pod in their home. With big popular tech companies glamorizing that technology, it’s only going to permeate into our everyday lives even more.

Reports are suggesting that in the near future, voice assistants can grow smarter and smarter, eliminating the need for things like laptops and keyboards. Instead, you’ll simply speak to a device and let’s say an entire paper is written from your voice. Talk about public speaking practice.

Bonus Microchip Technology.

Microchip Technology has already changed the world and more ways than we can count by allowing us to pack a serious punch of computer power and put it in our hands. But there’s still a long way to go for this kind of tech.

Ilan musk for one has recently unveiled a pig called Gertrude with a coin sized computer chip in her brain to demonstrate his ambitious plans to create a working brain machine interface called neural link.

He says it’s kind of like a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires, and has already applied to launch human trials. According to Ilan, the interface could allow people with neurological conditions to control phones or computers with their mind. But the long term ambition is to usher in an age of what Mr. Musk calls superhuman cognition. In part two, combat artificial intelligence so powerful. He says it could destroy the human race.

And that’s a wrap for 10 future technologies that will change the world. What technology are you

You excited for in the future? What do you not want to happen? Let us know in the comments below.


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