Cell Phone Tracking ?? How Do Police Or Hackers Track Your Phone ??

Hollywood movie producers watched this scene thousands of times, by cell phone tracking, finding criminals out of the police, and without many criminal tracks, phones reduced their billions after crime. Offenders not only find out, but your expensive phones are lost, tracking is required but what is the police really able to find you on your phone, or what phone tracking criminals reach? Can Hacker Track Your Phone? I will know how to discuss cell phone tracking in detail and will be saved from tracking

Cell phone tracking

So what is cell phone tracking; Find out the actual location of cell phone or cell phone using some technology. Now that’s why; Of course, to find a phone now, cell phones are so busy as big crime deals and expected as big crime, many people are caught catching up by cellphone tracking. However, hackers might be illegal tracks and may be bothering you. So let’s know all the things in our step-by-step tracking.


GPS tracking

GPS on your phone is much more useful for cell phones tracking. If the criminal uses a smartphone and the GPS is set up then the police work becomes much easier if GPS is available then the phone’s location without contacting the cell phone operator. Police have some system setup through which they track location with phone’s GPS access. However, different countries follow different methods of GPS tracking. Larger countries get direct access to the satellite, so they get information easily, Signals from GPS satellites are available on the phone. Police in our country usually tracks GPS in both ways.First of all, if the criminal phone is a smartphone then it will usually be Android when the police tried to get the Gmail id logged in. Google has saved your phone’s location history. There are options to track Google’s phone again so when you get control of Google account, mobile phone tracking is easy.


Hacker attack

I discussed so much, police and criminals. But you may also have tracking of normal people phones like mine. Now you or Mr is not a criminal, but the criminal hacker can track your phone to spoil your privacy. Not just your phone track, but also your phone’s call records, messages, contact lists, emails, bank accounts, online accounts, etc. everything can be controlled by them and you will not get any help.Hackers basically deceive you and install malware on your phone; Such malware is also known as spyware. These programs are designed in such a way that it can work in your phone’s system and can access all your information to hackers. Emailing you, from the website, making fake calls, or the hacker can physically injection this malware onto your phone. Again you have downloaded an app for another job yourself, but it may steal your information.


How to avoid cellphone tracking ??

Firstly; Use a security lock on your phone, which is also known as lock screen lock. Maybe someone around you has installed a malware on your phone, to track your phone. Secondly; Do not call your phone, because apps often work to claim phone root access. Thirdly; Do not open any unwanted mail or messages and do not click any link or attachment with it. Before opening mail, please verify that it is not coming to you. Do not believe in a voucher of mail supply. Fourthly; Avoid downloading applications from any source other than Google Play Store, you can use the Amazon Store, but see how popular it is before using any App Store. Fifthly; Before installing or installing the application, check the permissions of the phone install applications, but do not forget that it has permission for permission. Please do not forget that you have downloaded a photo editor application, generally, the Photo Editor app wants permission for the phone’s camera, mic, file etc. However, if the application is waiting for permissions for sending messages, emails, contacts, etc. However, it should not be used in applications but rather to find other alternative applications


Last word

So have you ever been caught by cell phone tracking, have someone tried to track your phone illegally? Let us tweed down everything. And from this article, you must know how to complete different tracking and how to protect your phone from being tracked. I hope you like it a lot.


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